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April 11, 2005


Jay Wilson (w/Mom's Help)

Mom jus red me your post. im sory your friend is gone. when my friend died mom and dad gave me a great big hug. i wish i kuld do that for you but i kant, so maybe your pilow wil help. all of us lov you very much.
Jay Wilson (&John & Jill)

Brian Lewis

Amen Roger! Our love goes out to you all in your time of loss. George touched more lives than he would ever know.
I know George has heard, "well done good and faithful servant".

Bob & Marcia Neil

Dear Roger,
Thanks for the beautiful tribute to George. He was (and is) truly one of our heroes, and our hearts are saddened by his passing. However, our loss is truly heaven's gain. Our prayers are with you and your family, because we realize how much he must have meant to you. We have seen Signature Sound a couple of times recently, and we always made it a point to ask Ernie about George. Southern gospel music will never have another George Younce or Glen Payne. They were truly God's men for the hour, and we loved them dearly.

Simon DeSoto

A true Christian Gentleman will be missed by all. God Bless you and God Bless the whole Cathedral Family!

Ann Woodward

Hi Roger,
I only had the privilege of seeing George a few times two in the Seattle area and at Praisegathering. It only took once though to see what a wonderful person he was. Not just the best bass singer ever, but such a sweet human being. There are some special people who just envelope your heart and George was that.
I can't imagine your loss but as you said he is in no pain now and can you imagine him and Glen together again? Heaven must be getting some good stories about now.
In His Love,
Ann Woodward

Peggy B.

Roger and Debbie,
Henry and I share your grief because we would never have known you had it not been for the Cathederals! You know that we will send up many prayers for the Younce family. As you said in a song I love, one is healed when they 'dip their toe in the river Jordan. Thank the Lord! George suffers no more. The people who love him will find comfort and peace from all the many people that loved him here. Take care and do what you are supposed to do with the doctors.
Hanging on to that Rope,
Henry and Peggy B.

The Carrolls

Dear Roger,
Today is a sad day as we learn about George's passing. However, it quickly becomes a happy one as we think about George and Glen re-uniting in Heaven.

May God comfort George's family as it is always hard to say goodbye to those you love so dear. I also pray God gives you a special peace and comfort as you grieve the loss of this special friend too.

We love you and pray God's continued blessings on your life.

With Love & Prayers,
The Carrolls

Coleen Jo Caldwell

There are no earthly words or thoughts that will take away the pain of your loss and the loss in the Younce family, but we all know that the loving hands and arms of Jesus will hold you while you cry and laugh and remember Mr Younce. I never got to see him in person, but have listened to and watched some tapes and videos and shiver every time he hit a low note. Can you imagine what a joy the heavenly choruses feel to have him there to hit the low notes? And the joy that Mr Payne has to have his old friend beside him once again - thank you for your tribute to him. I know it must have been somewhat hard to write as he and Mr Payne were your mentors and friends.
God bless you, and we continue to hold the ropes and remain In His Grip with you during this time.
Coleen - cjc:)


Surely there is a "great singing" in heaven tonight!! George was a great singer and a great man.

It is with a smile I recall a Cathedrals concert in Greensboro, NC quite a few years ago. I was fortunate enough to be on the second row on the floor (behind a lady with big hair). I was so excited. Well, standing on the edge of the stage Glenn had one of his "glory moments" and grabbed George and suddenly George disappeared off the stage. We were in shock at first but that man "popped back up" on that stage and kept on singing. I can't remember what he said to Glenn but we all laughed.

God hold you, Debbie, Jordan, Chelsea and of course all of the Younce family at this time of sorrow.

Just remember George has gotten to see Jesus just as he has sung about for many years.



It was a surprise to read about George tonight. You (and his family) will be in my prayers.



I can see George in Heaven chatting and singing with Jesus, Glen, JD Sumner, Brock Speer, The Goodmans and Jake and many more. Oh what time they are all sharing in Heaven right now.
We can all look forward to joining them all when the Lord calls us all home. Until then we need to keep on spreading God's great news!!
My prayers will be with the Younce Family that God will give them strength and encouragement.

God Bless

Jewel Pace

Just thinking about "George" made you smile and hearing him sing made you think of our Blessed Lord and hearing him talk made your sides hurt. What a great human being, a minister and someone who made you forget your troubles and smile all rolled into one great person. He will be missed but not forgotten! Jewel in NC

Charlotte Turner

I just readed Ernie's e-mail about George.I was sad to hear this. I have loved you all fpr years. I have the farewell video that Bill did of you at one of your last performent.
I am sure Heaver is sweeter and the sound of music,how beauiful it must be.
My prayers go out to you and Debbie, and the Younce family.
Thanks for the words in you post. My eyes started to leak.We love both of you.

Jenell McNeill

We have lost a great hero of the faith, but our loss is Heaven's gain. My husband is up there listening to George and Glen. They both could make him weep and laugh at their teasing.
I've been praying for George's family since I got the news this morning.
Still praying and holding the ropes for you,
Jenell McNeill
Palestine, TX

Helena Boyd


Margaret and Jim Smith

We have asked Ronnie Morrison of Downtown Radio to play george and Glen singing "Search me O God".
The programme is "Gospel Time" and is aired from 8:00-10:00PM BST Saturday night. How beautiful Heaven must be.
Margaret and Jim Smith. (Northern Ireland).


Roger can you imagine the homecoming in heaven! I have no doubt all the "Gaither friends" that have gone home are having a Homecoming meeting of their own! Glen, Brock, JD, Vestal and Howard,Jake,Danny,Hovie,Rex and so many others and now George. I can just see them all together singing like only they could in front of the throne of our Lord! I bet JD and George are still arguing over who is the best bass singer! I pray that God will hold George's family and his friends like you in the palm of his hand and give you all that perfect peace knowing that George is in a better place. We will miss him but his memories will sustain us till we see him again!!


what an awesome tribute - I cannot think about you and George without a big smile on my face. He would say "play that one again Roger" or "let's do some more of that". Because of George, I will never forget that your hometown is Strawberry, AK!! Many memories and many more smiles - he and Glen are truly "running to the arms of Jesus" - you got that one right! Thanks Roger for sharing.

Patty in NJ

Roger, Thanks for that tribute to George. I often wonder if those who are on stage know the impact for Christ they have made on those who sit in the audience.
Another great tribute to George came from Kirk Talley in his Kirkskrew news letter. He remembers his great humor and his ability to communicate to the audience. There are many ministering in Gospel music because of Glen,George and the Cathedrals.


Roger, my heart aches for you and for George's family and friends who knew him well. What rejoicing there must be in Heaven as old friends are reunited! George was always one of my favorites on the Gaither videos, but with his health problems in recent years, I had given up hope of seeing him in person. I can still feel the "glory bumps" that thrilled me last fall in Cleveland when Bill introduced "a voice you thought you might never hear again" and from the darkened wings came that unforgettable voice singing This Old House! I have never seen so many spontaneous tears and cheers - the whole arena was so moved with emotion. It happened that I had a front row seat and actually had the presence of mind to snap a couple of photos. I was so humbled and so thrilled to see one of my long-time heroes - it was a night I'll not soon forget. Love and prayers, Peggy

Patty Spicer

Dear Roger,
I am from Winston-Salem area and went to just about all the concerts that the Catherdals performed at Reynolds Audtorium and I will always remember George, Glen, and many of the ones that stood beside them the years that they sang. I can just hear George telling Glen I love old people I really do and telling the saints in glory all the stories about Glen that he told on stage all those years. Those two really loved one another almost like earthly brothers but most important they loved each other as brothers in Christ.
I am so glad that they chose you to be one of their piano players because fans came to know you and are now rope holders as you struggle in every day life. I still know that God has a miracle to work in your life and just like George you will have a grand testimony to share with people all over this world. I remember the year that George had his open heart surgery they said that when he found out the day of his surgery he looked at this daily devotion for that day and the devotion for that day was create in me Lord a new heart and that is exactly what the Lord did for him and he will do the same for you in your situation. I feel like we have lost a part of our family but as I have heard you say so many times before singing the song Healing George has experienced the ultimate healing on the other side of Jordan.

Michelle in WI

Roger, I am sorry to hear about George. He was an amazing singer with an amazing heart. I remeber the Cathedrals being one of the first Gospel groups I listend to as a kid. My family loved to listen to the jokes and hear the low notes from George and the High notes from Ernie (yeah I think there was a piano player we liked :))! Just recently my friend and I piled in her dorm room to watch a Gaither video of the Cathedrals at the Gaither studio. We laughed our socks off!! Glenn and George had amazing hearts for the Lord and I enjoyed them. Thank you for continuing the great music and my prayers will be with you, L5, and the family.

Elaine Harcourt

My heart goes out to you & Debbie at this time. I never got to meet George in person but loved his voice & his programs. He was one of a kind. May God comfort you & his fmaily at this time.

Vicky Schnorbus

Roger, as you well know, the way you feel is God's way of protecting us from "emotional overload". I remember feeling the same way at 10, when my parents were killed in an airplane crash. Things do eventually process through, however, as God and our brain feel we are able to deal with the facts. I don't know EXACTLY how you feel, but I can certainly sympathize with you. You spent a lot of time with George and Glenn, and losing George is like losing a family member. Be assured that all of the Ropeholders will be praying not only for the entire Younce family, but for you and Scott F., so closely associated with them. All of you as a group, and as individuals, are very close to our hearts, and we love all of you very much. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this difficult time. (P.S.: Jay wants me to tell you "hello" again. :)

Vicky - - Austin, TX

Gail in San Jose, CA

Dear Roger,
When I got the news about George yesterday I just started crying. I know he's with our Lord and my thoughts went to all the great singers he got to join, including Glenn, but that didn't stop my sorrow that he's not here anymore. I began praying for his family immediately and have continued.

Can you imagine the terrific bass choir that's up there now? J.D. Sumner, Brock Speer, Rex Nelon, Big Chief, others I don't know, and now George. You are so right, he was the BEST bass singer ever. I tend to judge all others by him. He made me a big fan of bass singers.

Some day we'll all be singing together!

Held by His hand,

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