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July 14, 2005


Bernie and Terry Shirkie

Dear Roger-- All is forgiven--Come Home!! Love Bernie and Terry

Lou May

Praise the Lord you are o.k. ANd happy to hear you and Debbie are having a good time together.
We will just keep praying for both of you. Hope to see you at the Quartet convention.
God Bless.
Love and Prayers,
The May's

Nita & Lee

Hi Roger,
Gee what a nice surprise when I saw that you had a post. I am so thankful to God that he continues to heal you. The more I went on site and did not see a post the harder I prayed. I hope you get some rest and much relaxation
Still holding the rope!

Vicky Schnorbus

Roger & Debbie - - You folks post whenever you have the chance. There's so much going on at the moment, with you trying to get your lives back to "normal", that you aren't expected to put something up every day, or even every week. I'm so glad you got to make the trip to Alaska (I'm a bit jealous, but I've been to the Holy Land, so we'll just have to trade stories, I guess).

You've been away from the stressful schedule of L5 for a long time, and it will take you a long time to work yourself back up to being able to handle it. I'm sure, Roger, you've heard the say: "Rome wasn't built in a day." And you won't be getting your strength back in just a few months. Just take care of yourselves, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and know that all of the Ropeholders will keep on praying for you. If all of us in Austin, TX don't get washed away, that is.

We're still holding our rope, anyway, so that should anchor us and you all.

The Schnorbuses & the Wilsons.

Nina Foster

Roger, it is not that you owe us anything--we were just concerned about what was happening. Take care of yourself, enjoy the cruise and then try not to overdo it. We do love you even when we "feel neglected" (not really)--that is the mother and grandmother in us! We just praise God that you are out of the hospital and trying to get on top of things. Your descriptive words make the cruise sound wonderful! Love, Nina

The Wallace's

Thank you for bringing us up to date and sorry for our impatience. Through your music and web sight, you feel like a part of the family and of course you are through the blood of Christ.
My family and I were so excited that you were with the rest of the guys in Wilmington, Ohio. Seeing and talking with you all is something we will never forget especially our son "Quint."
We love you all and pray for you regularly. Please get the rest you need and enjoy the sights for us.

In Christ,
The Wallace's


When nothing was posted I was hoping you were in Alaska. Hope reports continue to be good and we are still praying in Ohio.

Helen Swartzentruber

Roger, It was so good to hear you got good news. the numbers are important. I am so happy you were able to go on the cruise, just don't overdo it. Rest and relaxation are two important components, in getting completely well,but the great Physician's Touch is the most important. Praise the Lord for His Touch on your Life. and for His sustaining Grace in time of need. God Bess, Helen in Indiana. Hope to see you soon@ Bedford!

Karen Thies

Roger & Debbie - So thrilled to find that you were able to go on the cruise. Yes, I was concerned when we didn't hear for a while, but I have come to believe that "no news, is good news". I remember you told us that you realized that we not only could pray more effectively when we knew the specific need, but also that we would tend to worry less. Hence, I was reassured that there was no "big" problem - anxious for your next post - but reassured.

Continue to get the rest that you need, but also savour the time that you have with the guys.

As always, we'll keep praying and holding those ropes.

- Karen Thies, Fruitport, MI -

Helen Johnson

This afternoon as I fastened my ropeholder pin to my blouse I breathed a prayer, "Lord I know you are steadfast in your love and healing for Roger, but p-l-e-a-s-e let us hear from him." God answered my prayer! Soar with the eagles while you are in Alaska and come back renewed and refreshed. We love you.

Janice Curtin

So glad to hear from you, I have to admit I was getting alittle concerned. Hope you have a wonderful trip, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. That is my dream trip to go their someday. So happy your numbers are up and you are doing good. Praying for you daily and holding the rope in Illinois...

Charlotte Turner



From your discription, sounds like you and Deb are enjoying the Alaska Cruise . WE remeber our trip there and it was the firs time we heard Leg 5 on that Cruise.
God Bless you all.
Janet and Roger


I watched and listened to Midnight Meditations this evening. I got out my flyer about the Alaska cruise and thanked God that you were able to go with the boys. Rest. Joyce in Oregon

Ann Woodward

Hi Roger,
So glad you're on the cruise. I had convinced myself you were busy with scheduling.
I remember our cruise to AK a few years ago. It was the first cruise for me and I wore a patch, some kind of pressure band and took Dramamine and I was still green and ILL. You are there at a good time. Never go in September, the water is never calm.
Take care and enjoy all that wonderful food ships are noted for.
In His Love,
Ann Woodward

Jenell McNeill

I am so glad you both are enjoying the Alaskan cruise. I know there are times you have to push yourself to do anything, but don't push yourself too much.

Keep looking up while we ropeholders continue to pray.

Love & Blessings,
Jenell McNeill
Palestine, TX


Thanks for the update. Sounds like things are going well, but just take it one day at a time - there's such a temptation to jump right back into things that maybe not feeling up to par is God's way of telling you to just ease your way back in gradually. Hope you start feeling better soon; meanwhile, enjoy the cruise. I look forward to seeing you in Ohio the end of this month!
Love and prayers, Peggy


I too breathed a sigh of relief when I saw a new posting up! "It's Good To Know" alot of things - lots of blessings go with us every day. My prayers have been just that for you and your family - L5 really did gel in Cold Springs, Ky and I was so blessed by the service. God's obviously got more work for you - so don't forget your naps! Gotta run - hope to see you guys again soon (Oct for sure)! Love ya all like brothers :)

Betty Gower

Hi Debbie & Roger,
So good to finally hear from you and that things are going well. I pray God will strengthen you and help you to feel MUCH better.
God bless you and keep you.
Betty Gower

Leea Browning & Teena Sipe Davis

We are so glad to hear you are still doing good! Have to admit we were rather worried. Just take care of yourself and God Bless!!!!

Rhonda Petty

I am so happy that you are enjoying Alaska. I was there seeing the same things a year ago, and it's something I will never forget. God certainly smiled on Alaska. Many blessings to you!

Sandra Herring

We're still praying---Hopefully, when you come to Tyler, we will be able to see you in concert--Thanks again for allowing us to be a part of "your" journey---
Alan & Sandra

Evelyn Donahoe

Hello Roger and Debbie
What a relief to search the Midnight Meditations this morning and find an update. So relieved that it was good news!
I'm looking forward to the pictures but most of all I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing L5 at FBC Ocala in September. In the meantime, take care and enjoy the beautiful scenery in Alaska.

Melinda Ray

Hey Roger! First of all,my heart overflows with *such* joy* concerning the healing God has done,and continues to do in your life! WOW! I look forward to seeing you again one day,if L5 ever comes to, or close to,my area in Oneonta,Al.! Another reason I am posting this message is,to tell you,I couldn't find the Alaskan pictures on the L5 website! Could you send more instructions to me or in your next entry in your journal,as to how to go to them?? Thanks. I love you my dear friend and brother in Christ! And before I close,I wanna leave you with a simple,but profound statement I read in the footnotes of my bible the other day,this is soooo awesome! "We cannot be overcomers without troubles to overcome.!" Is that not so cool?? I feel a song coming on through you! hehehehehe

Melinda Ray

Judi Clark

Hi Roger,
No more scoldings here. It seems we have all turned into worry-worts over you.
If at all possible, enjoy knowing how great we care.
We certainly do not know how you feel exactly and your energy levels. I am praying for your stamina to grow, and believing it will.
Enjoy your view, sounds lovely.
tied a knot here,

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