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September 06, 2005


Gloria Parks

Praise the Lord for His goodness and mercies. I have been concerned as you haven't posted for quite awhile. I was out of town over Labor Day, and checked every day for your's or Debbie's post !!

Am so glad to hear that you are back on the road, and that Jordan is there with you. What a blessing!!!!

You and your family are in my prayers, as are the hurricane victims.

Our God is so good and so faithful to hear and answer our prayers.

Continuing to pray for you and holding the rope.

In Him,


Julia Hunt

So Good to hear from you. Praying for your energy to quickly return, and holding the rope in Iowa.

Elizabeth Dalton

Glad are feeling better!!!! I will be glad when legacy five appears in Mississippi!!! You and your family are always in my thoughts and prays!! It was great hearing from you.




Bill Montford

So sorry you aren't feeling well. We keep thinking you will say I am out of the woods for good. Well if you could it would be really nice. So till then you are in our prayers and will be until you tell us differently.
Bill and Jan


Thanks for the update. I'm still holding the ropes!

Sandy Kuschel

Roger & family: I was so glad to hear from you this evening! I have been checking the site a couple of times a day every day.
God is sooo good! I am thankful to hear that your counts are holding in place and that is the good news. I continue to pray for your strength to return so that you can enjoy being on the road. Maybe it's too soon? I will keep praying for God's wisdom in this area. I just received my tote bag from your office and I love it! Thank you for being sensitive to the spirit in this area, Deb. I too will continue to hold the rope and believe God for His complete healing in your life.
Blessings to all of you,

Janice Curtin

Very glad to hear you are doing fine, will keep praying for those nasty side effects and energy levels. I'm sure you will love having your son on the road with you, what a wonderful experience for him too. My son & wife made it through the hurricane in MS so I am very grateful to God for that. Holding the rope in IL

Jenell McNeill

I'm glad to see your post. I am praying that those side effects will soon be gone and your energy level will get better. I'm still praying and holding tightly to the ropes.
Til This Storm Passes By,
Jenell McNeill, Palestine, TX

Ann Woodward

Hi Roger,
I like you. That's from the 5 year old grandson who is helping me tonight. He starts kindergarten on Friday and is so excited. How time flies. I hope it goes quickly for you and before long you are sitting back relaxing and remembering all this and how God brought you through and was your strength in times of weakness.
In His Love,
Ann Woodward

Nina Foster

Dear Roger:

We are thankful for the good news--and will pray for the energy you need. It is good to hear that Jordan will be traveling with you. I know that means a lot to you--and will be well received by your fans.

Take care, and don't write if you don't feel like it!



Glad to hear all the good news. Just DON'T do too much too fast. Hopefully, Jordan will make you behave!

We love ya'll and will keep in our prayers!

Lou May

Praise the Lord. It was great to hear from you. I had email the office and got one baack that you had been on the road the past two week-ends. We will continue to pray for strength in your healing process. So great to hear Jordon is traveling with you...that is an extra blessing.
May God bless Debbie...she is an angel...continuing to hold the fort down at home, traveling with you back and forth to Houston and other appointments. Isn't God good.\
Hope to see you next week in Louisville..but take it easy and don't try to do to much and dont' get one of the bugs that are going around here in Winston-Salem,NC
God Bless all of you,
Lou and Howard May
Winston-Salem, NC

Peggy B.

Roger and Debbie,
We are pleased about the reports that you got in Houston yesterday. I know all about the loss in energy levels. Remember as I have stated in previous posts, none of us can do what we did ten years ago. Take care and remember that we pray for you and yours and all of Legacy 5.
Hanging on,
Peggy and Henry B.


And guess who will be keeping an eye on Dad now, Roger, as well as playing the guitar. I'm sure Debbie will feel better knowing she has a "spy" right there on the bus.

Seriously, though, we're all glad that the majority of the SERIOUS "side effects" have turned into minor ones. We know you can handle those because you've overcome much worse odds.

The Wilsons and the Schnorbuses are praying for the Bennetts, and the L5 members who do have, or did have, family members in Louisiana. We're hoping their families escaped Katrina's devestation and are doing fine.

Texas is always glad to extend the hand of friendship and, (in most cases) Christian love to people in need.

The Wilsons & the Schnorbuses

Laura Domingue

So glad to see your post. I check yur site several times a day. May God continue to bless you Laura in N.C.

Hal & Gail Lombard

Roger, Debbie & Family
We love you guys, and you are continually in our prayers.
We were able to see you (Roger) in Fresno last April and we were at Yuba City when Scott called and talked to you on his phone.
All that I am able to say is that we know that God loves you and you're family and however He intends to show His great love for you will be seen and known to us all as time passes.
"Look Up, Fear Not, The Angel's Said!" From the hymn "Glory to God in the Highest" is meant for His help to us all, as you know, we simply must trust Him and I know that sometimes this is not easy.
God richley bless "You All" and your ministry to the world in song.
Love You All - Hal from Chico, CA

Elaine Harcourt

Roger, it's so good to hear from you & to know you are doing good. Praying for your energy level. Don't try to do too much too soon. Love you.

Bev Stellmacher

Dear Roger,

We have been so worried about you but have continuously prayed for you and your family.
We are happy that you are on the road once again. It will be great to see you at The National Quartet Convention. That is great that Jordan is going to be with L5 as well. May the good Lord continue to make you stronger each day. I too continue to recover from open heart triple by pass surgery 10 weeks ago. I couldn't have done this without God's help and to leave it in his hands.

Yours in Christ,
Bev & Dar Stellmacher

Paula Haysmer

Dear Roger and Debbie, So glad to hear about your health update and how well you are doing. The prayers from all who care about you and your family are definitely working, God's in control!! Also, what great news about Jordan! How wonderful it will be for you, Roger, to have your son on the road with you. I pray God will use him in a mighty way as he gets a "feel" for the life Legacy 5 leads. We will look for you at NQC. Hopfully, Scott will get some rest while he's there. God bless and keep you all safe on your journeys. Also, in His grip, Paula Haysmer


Roger & Debbie - Good to hear from you! Praise the Lord for good blood counts! We'll be praying that those nasty side-effects soon go away - for good this time! Hang in there, & don't push TOO hard til your strength comes back. One of my Bible college professors once told us, "Sometimes it's just as religious to sleep as it is to pray." God knows your needs. All of them. Just rest in Him & let Him strengthen you. Love from Ohio, Jessie & Cindy


So glad to hear from you. Keep looking up, our redemption draws near. I'm sure you will enjoy having Jordan travel with you this year. I'm glad that he is interested in that good old SGM.
Take care,
Love and prayers from Virginia,
Harold and Lula

Bernie and Terry Shirkie

Dear Roger It is really late and I know I should be in bed, but I just want to say Hi to you and Debbie. I was very glad to read your update and to know that you are feeling alright. I have to thank you for the nice tote bag which I got today in the mail. I am afraid I will have to order another one though. I am going to give this one to my cousin Marie. She will be so HAPPY!! She still continues to pray for you several times a day!! Whenever I phone her she asks me, "How's my boy doing?" I am just so happy that I can give her the good news!! I am going to have to print up some more of your letters for her. She will put them into the big book she already has of you and probably stuff it into the big bag that I am going to give to her! I am telling you. You and your family have given a lot of joy to people and the Lord is going to truly bless you all!![your family and the L5 family] Love Bernie and Terry

Judi Clark

I was sure you were doing ok, and also figured that you have a full plate. Still here and holding the rope for you in your tired times.
Such good news of your talented son. Thanks for sharing,
In His Grip,

Frances Crutcher

Dear Roger, Debbie and the whole gang. It was good to hear from you and Please take care of yoursel and God will do the rest. So glad Jordan is going to be with you.My thoughts and prayers are still with and that your strength will return soon. I'll be at NQC 14th, 15th, and 16th. Will stop by and see all of the group. Your soumd is out of this world!This is going to be my delayed 79th birthday party for myself. Still holding on tightly. My love and prayers are with you all. Frances Crutcher

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