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December 02, 2005


Ruth Voorhees

Debbie and Roger, Please, be assured that you have all of our prayers. I went to prayer before I decided to write this and will continue to do so. Our God is able and I know He cares for all of us. Take care and, Please, tell Roger that we are praying. God Loves you and so do all of the rope holders.



Needless to say, I am SO SORRY to read this. However, God got you folks through it the first time, so we just have to pray (HARD!!) that He will do it again. I will go have a talk with Jay's mother (Jill), so she can decide how best to tell him. In the meantime, all of the Ropeholders will be praying even harder than before. To be honest, I'm just not sure what to say to even TRY to be comforting to you both. Please know, though, that the Wilsons and the Schnorbuses (& especially Jay) will be praying a whole lot harder this time. God bless you both.


P.S. Debbie - if you think you and Roger might be there for an "extended period of time", you might want to rent another p.o. box now. A BIG one!! I'm sure the Ropeholders will be happy to help you all pay for it.

Lots of love & prayers from Austin, TX - - Vicky S.

Peggy B.

Roger and Debbie,
Henry and I are trying to digest this latest news with calm. We want you to know that, as always, we are as close as the phone. You know that we will continue to pray for your immediate family and the extended Legacy Five family that is almost like our own family. We know that you remain 'In His Grip' and we know that He will not leave in this time of need. We are still
Hanging on to That Rope,
Henry and Peggy B.

Tina Reynolds

Roger and Debbie:
This is unexpected news indeed, but I am praying for both you and Roger in this situation. I have been a long-time fan of Roger's, and I sure don't like to hear this kind of news. We all wish Roger to be healthy, but God's plan is always greater, no matter where it may lead. As I drove home today from work, and I thought about this bit of news, two songs went thru my head: "His Eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me..." and "some thru the water, some thru the flood, some thru the fire but all thru the blood, some thru great sorrow but God gives a song, in the night season and all the day long." whatever you both have to go thru, God will give you grace to go thru it. I personally will be praying for Roger's full recovery. I love you guys!! You definitely are "In His Grip"!!!!

Love, Tina Reynolds


My heart absolutely is bleeding over this news. How much can a person and a family take? God alone, must cover you with His wings. Marjorie


We continue to Pray for Roger and the entire family. My God give each of you the added strength you need to go through the days ahead. We know God is in control

Jill Wilson

DEBBIE - My aunt (Vicky) told me about the news, and - needless to say - I am dumbfounded. Of course, just because WE want something to be doesn't mean GOD wants it that way. John, Jay and I will be praying even harder than before for Roger's return to good health, and especially for you as you go through this again. I don't know how we will tell Jay, but I do know that God will tell us what to say and how to say it. Please know that all 3 of us, plus my parents and my aunt, will be praying even harder this time around. We love all of L5, and especially you folks, because we've "known" you for so long. Love and God bless from Jay, John & Jill Wilson.

Sandra Herring

Debbie---My Mother's cancer has returned---I ordered one of your bags and she has been carrying her things in it when she goes for treatment--She loves the phrase "In His Grip"---(I thank you for it)---Please know how much we love you and Roger---Let him know that "The Herring's" are praying for him----I recently read a book where a Minister had been involved in an accident--At one point he shared with a friend that he had no more strength to fight and he was giving up---The Friend told him to go ahead and give up--- "We have you" he said. They started a prayer chain that lasted til he went home. Let Roger know that when he is tired, he has many wonderful prayer warriors, standing in the gap for him. God Bless you All----
Sandra Herring Bullard, Texas


Still praying and believing for the best. May God continue to give you strength and courage to face this battle.
Love and prayers from Virginia,
Harold and Lula


We're sorry to hear the latest news, but we're still holding the rope!!!

Bernie and Terry Shirkie

Dearest Debbie I don't know what to say. I am glad you are still in His grip but for a few hours now ever since I heard from the Singing News Magazine about Roger, I feel so sad and my heart is so full of questions. And yet you-You are still encouraging all of us and I know that you are doing the same for Roger.I am hoping and praying that although weeping may endure for a night that joy will surely come in the morning. Love Bernie and Terry

Joy N. Lee

My prayers and thoughts are with you as you go thru another difficut time in your lives. Rest assure that ALL THE ROPEHOLDERS are sending up the PRAYERS AND WE KNOW THAT GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL.

Brian Lewis

HI Guys,
Rest assured that we will be on our knees before the Father. We will be with L5 in Lancaster PA Sat night, and I am sure all of the 2,600 people there will lift Roger to God.
We love you all!

Coleen Jo Caldwell

There are no words to comfort you, but I know you're listening to the still small voice of God - and that indeed is a comfort. He holds you all in the palm of His hand and has His grip on you - He will never let go. It's the human part in us that makes us want to know why Roger, however, the Christ part of us knows that He is in control. Nonetheless, we will continue to pray for strength and peace and the knowledge that God loves us so much that He gave His son - and because He did that, we know that He has our best interests in mind.
I like the idea of the prayer vigil - do you think it's something we could set up and continue to do? I know we all pray but if it were organized and constant, you all would have coverage 24/7 with the help of the Ropeholders.
God will continue to bless all of you through this because you all are such blessings to us.

Larry Davis

Roger, you know that we all love you and we are with you in our hearts and minds and spirits... "He went about doing good and healing ALL who were oppressed of the devil," Peter said in Acts, talking about Jesus. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. At times like this, scripture verses like that almost seem like a platitude but they are the Word of God and we and you and Debbie can cast yourself upon them and upon Him. He is all we have at any time but times like these make that clear to us than any other times. I pray for the Glory of His Presence to lift you up and his mighty power to deliver you.


Oh, Debbie and Roger, my heart is broken, and as someone else said, it is bleeding .....I'm just so, so sad. But thank you so much for letting us know this latest news so we know how to pray more specifically. Sometimes it is very hard not to question God, but we do need to trust Him and know that He sees the big picture and He does have a Plan. It is precious and reassuring to be able to rest in that knowledge. All of your rope holders love you more than you can know, and we will double up on our prayers. I am praying for you even now, that you will have peace in your hearts and that you will both be able to sleep tonight. I also pray that the problem with your voice will soon be taken care of and you can once again speak.

Debbie, you being the one to 'stand by' and watch your loved one go through all this, we know is very taxing. You have been such a wonderful example of a Christian helpmeet. We are praying that you will be given special strength and comfort to continue in this battle, that you will be able to understand what the Drs are saying at all times, and that you'll be able to comfort our dear Roger in those times when he may become discouraged. We are also praying for your children, as it must be very difficult for them to be separated from you and from each other at this time and upon hearing this news.

We love you dearly. I have passed your posting on to my list of prayer warriors and I know they will be remembering you both. God bless and sustain you. Also, I pray He will be with your dad in a special way, Roger.

Jim & Darlene

Dear Debbie and Roger, Just to keep it simple -our love and prayers continue to be right there with you and your families! In His Loving Arms, Jim & Darlene

Jill Wilson

Debbie - I'm sure other people have thought of this, and it might not even be a viable suggestion, but Jay made me promise to send you the message. He wants to know that "as long as Mr. Bennett can't talk too well, may (he said "can", I'm changing it) he and maybe some of the other kids and/or ropeholders make little cards for Mr. Bennett to hold up if he wants/needs something. Like YUCK, or I DIDN'T ORDER THIS, and a few others we can think of but won't put in here. Just think, though, as least if he has to take "nasty tasting" medicine again, at least he can't complain.

I think it's the fact that all of us - kids and adults - feel like we want to do something in addition to praying "really, really hard" (Jay's words). Just think - you two could sit there and laugh at them, or make sentences with them, or put all of the YUCKs together, etc. We all know how creative you and Roger are, and I'm sure some of the Ropeholders out there can be just as creative to a certain degree. I know that anything I attempted to draw would require a label for you to know what it is. "Stick figure Jill" they used to call me, and still do.

We're going on the assumption that Roger will whiz out of the hospital by Christmas, but - just in case - we could send all of these along. When you folks leave, you could pass them to some of the other patients who maybe need a "laugh".

Lots of love and prayers from the Wilsons - - Jay, Jill & John (alphabetical order!!)


Roger and Debbie,

We've been praying for you for many years now. Please know that no matter what happens, those prayers are continuing to go up. Please continue to keep us all updated!

Love in Christ,

Helena Boyd


Eric Lusk

Debbie and Roger,

There is no doubt many concerned people.
Always remember God's got ya in his arms.


Jewel Pace

Roger & Debbie,
I don't know what to say except that I love you both and my prayers are with you.
Love in Christ, Jewel in NC

Ann Woodward

Hi Roger and Debbie,
In this wonderful season of Joy I am so sorry you are having to go through all this again. My prayers are with you and your children. You are all so loved and may God wrap His loving arms around all of you and again take away this horrible enemy called cancer.
In His Love,
Ann Woodward

Bryan Armstrong

Roger @ Debbie I want you to know that I am praying for you and your family. I know we serve a GOD that still heals @ I have no doubt that He is still in control. I hope and pray that this only a minor setback and in no time Roger will be back on the road with L5. I will continue to pray that GOD will cover you with the strength @ energy to fight the enemy that has already lost. Love and prayers always. Bryan Armstrong
Seminole, OK

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