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December 09, 2005



Debbie, you and Roger are so amazing!!! If only you could know what a blessing you both are to so many people. Your complete faith and trust in God through whatever comes your way has been an inspiration to me throughout this long journey. My prayers are continually with you. Know that we love you and your family! God bless you! I'm so thankful that we are "In His Grip" with you!!!

Coleen Jo Caldwell

You both are very much His witnesses through all of this. I admire your ability to give it all to HIM and not try to take back the worry. You are so right in that God already knows what will happen and whose decisions are greater than His?

God bless you both - no matter where you are or what you do you know that you're In His Grip and that you're In His Grip together.


Roger and Debbie,
How I thank God for you two!! Your message of peace spreads through your email messages, and we know God dwells in your hearts. You have been such a blessing and a testimony to so many who are also struggling with health issues and/or chronic pain. (myself included). But God has taught you how to rise above and share a message of hope with others. THANK YOU!! Thank you that God's will in your lives surpasses what we would want.
Praying for you and thankful that we are all "In His Grip".
A rope-holder in Southern British Columbia, Canada.



This posting is a wonderful answer to prayer. After reading your posting of Dec. 2, I immediately began praying for God to give your whole family peace of mind as you traverse this rocky road. Just as God encouraged Joshua so I encourage you--Be strong and of good courage, don't be afraid because the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Yes, our loving Father knows exactly where you are and is walking with you.

May the peace of God that passes all understanding guard your hearts and minds.

Love and prayers, Carol.

nina minton

Roger and Debbie,

Thank you so much for your post.
Like everyone else, I have been waiting to hear about Roger's
Your faith and strength keep me
I will continue to pray for you and
your family.

In HIS Grip

The Carrolls

Roger & Debbie,
It is great to hear from you. I never ceased to be amazed at your faith in the midst of every storm.

You were on my heart last night as I watched the Mims Baptist Church choir along with the Mike Speck Trio do their Christmas musical. A man was saved at this event so this made it even more special.

May God bless you Roger as you go through these treatments and try to gain your physical strength. I also pray for you, Debbie and your strength as you care for Roger.

May God give you joy, peace and comfort through this challenging Christmas season.

With Love & Prayers,
The Carrolls

Mary Ann Qualia

Dear Debbie and Roger,
Thank you for this update. The news is looking good and I am so happy about your progress, Roger. I have been praying faithfully, as I know that prayer works. May you be blessed with the healing light of the Holy Spirit.
Mary Ann Qualia

Gary J. Jones

Dear Roger & Debbie,

Our hearts are encouraged with this posting. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this time in your lives. We pray for you daily and we know that there is power in prayer.

Words can not begin to express our love for you and at times words can not express our heart's burden for you...but the Spirit of the Lord helps us pray! Please know that we will continue to pray for each of you during this Christmas season.

I still find it awesome and overwhelming that Christ would humble himself and come to this earth to die for us. I find it even more amazing that on His way to the cross, Jesus stopped and took a beating for us and by His stripes we are healed! He didn't have to die for us and He certainly didn't have to provide for our healing in that manner. I am so thankful that Jesus loves us.

Because of His Mercy

Reverend Gary, Lori, Alex, Tucker, Makayla & Bennett Fowler Jones

Peggy B.

Roger and Debbie,
God does answer the prayers of His children. We have been praying for an update on Roger's condition all week. We know that this too shall pass! Remember 'He's Been There' every time any of us have needed Him. Take care and know that we love you. Our granddaughter Olivia weighed 9lbs
2 ozs this morning. Our grandson John David is still at Children's Hospital in Dallas in Neo Natal ICU. His weight is up to 6lbs 6ozs. We would ask that you pray for our family at this time, too.
We all remain--
In His Grip,
Henry and Peggy B.

Bill Montford

How wonderful to hear from you two. When I read the first posting that it was back, my heart sank. I know God can heal and I am praying he decides to heal Roger. We love the LegacyFive Quartet and even better when Roger can be the pianist. So hang in there and we will be praying for you all.

Love, Bill and Jan




Well, we've already had ice here in Austin, so I guess we should have suspected something like this might happen.

In all seriousness, though, it's good to hear how well Roger is responding to treatment. And much as all of the Ropeholders were hoping the Bennetts would get to spend Christmas in Arkansas (or wherever), after the other news, we're glad to hear the positive side of things. My mother used to tell me that "in every cloud there's always a silver living", even though we can't always find it. And, next to being at home (which is certainly your 1st choice), Houston is probably beginning to feel almost as much like home as the real thing.

Please know that my family and I are praying that the "hang around a while" will end before Christmas, and that even though you might have to go and come back, a quick trip might be possible. And I know that my nephew will be overjoyed to hear that his beloved Mr. Bennett (and Mrs. Bennett, too) is doing better. He was not a "happy camper" after the other post, but he has been praying hard for the 4 of you, L5 and, as he puts it, Mr. & Mrs. Bennett's "in-laws & out-laws.

Fire up the stove, bring on the turkey (or goose, or whatever), and know that the Ropeholders are so very happy to hear such good news.

Love and blessings to all of the Bennetts, L5 and their families, and the other Ropeholders.

The Schnorbuses & the Wilsons


Dear Roger and Debbie,

Your posting was a blessing and so encouraging. Your continued optomistic outlook, and your faith in God's best for your lives, continues to be so amazing and is such a blessing to all of us. We continue to pray for your well being and that God will continue to work in and through your lives, as He been during this whole journey. We also pray that He will be with you and the family in a very special way during the holiday season, and that you will feel His Presence and Comfort, not to mention, Healing.

We are sorry that you won't be in Arkansas for Christmas as you had hoped to be, but know that Debbie will make it a Merry Christmas there in the apartment, as she has in the past. It must be very challenging, Debbie, but you have proven yourself up for it, so you go, Girl!

Much love and prayers, Paul and Helen from snowy MI.

Julia Hunt

Thanks much for the post. I'm glad to hear that you're in an apartment instead of the hospital and that Roger has his voice back.I pray that each day his strength returns and that you two have a special day the 17th.We all continue to hold tightly to the rope and hold you up in prayer for those blessings.

Karen Ritchey

Dear Roger and Debbie,

Thank you so much for taking the time to keep us all posted on Roger's condition.
We have been praying faithfully, with our children, for healing and peace for you. It was hard to hold my breath from the last update until this one...but it was so nice to breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that your faith is strong, and remembering that God wants what is best.
I shall go and listen to my 'Midnight Meditation's' CD of Rogers now, and will say another prayer...
Karen Ritchey
Alberta, Canada

Bernie and Terry Shirkie

Dear Debbie, I think one of the sweetest sounds that you have heard within the last few days is the voice of your beloved!! We are so happy! Love Bernie and Terry


Roger and Debbie,

'Thank-you Lord' is all I can say! He has proven He cares and He's there for His children when they're in trouble. As for the Ropeholders...He's heard the cry of the righteous again! We need to thank Him every day. I've been praying for Roger...often, each and every day. I believed God would touch Him, and thank God, He did! I'm praying He will continue to touch you, Roger, giving you strength and healing. Keep looking up, all of you. GOD IS FAITHFUL!

Thanks for your wonderful example of trust in God to all of us. Each time I read an update, no matter if the news is good or bad, I am encouraged by your (Roger AND Debbie) courage.

God bless you!
In His Grip of Grace,

Louise C.

Roger and Debbie, thank you for the update. I am so thankful that you got your voice back and I will continue to pray for a complete healing. Your walk through this trial has proved to be a great witness to others of complete faith in our wonderful Lord. God Bless you and your family this Christmas season.

Jewel Pace

Still praying for you and your family and still loving you all. God bless your faithfulness.
Your Sister in Christ, Jewel, NC


So glad to hear Roger's "out and talking"!!! :) We're holding the ropes!!


Gail in San Jose

Dear Debbie & Roger,
This must be so hard for you. I can't even imagine the emotional roller coaster you have been on. I wish that I had some wise and wonderful thing to say to encourage you, but I don't. I am praying daily for both of you and your family. I'm sure that you are battling discouragement and God understands that. We all love you and continue to lift you up to our loving Lord.


Thanks so much Debbie for keeping us informed. I hope and pray that each day he will be stronger. Take care of yourself. We love you.
Harold and Lula

Bryan Armstrong

Roger and Debbie, so glad to hear Roger is out of the hospital and Roger voice has returned. I will continue to pray for you and your children. I Know the LORD has a plan for all of his children. Just hang in there and don't get discouraged. I want you to know that you are thought of every day. Love in Christ.
Bryan, Seminole, OK

Felda Holder

I haven't written in a long time, but I look at this site every day. I have to agree with the lady from San Jose - Gail? I think she did a good job of expressing what all of us feel. It's easy to "talk" faith when everything is going well, but it's harder to "walk" it when you keep getting knocked down again and again. My heart goes out, Debbie, to not only you and Roger and your family, but to all of L5. I've seen them several times - with and without Roger present - and I have to admit that although they do a good job of keeping things lively (especially Scott F.), Roger's extra touch seems to energize them even more.

I'm sure that everyone who checks this site will be praying much harder this time around. And next year you folks WILL have Thanksgiving AND Christmas AT HOME!!

There are too many prayers going UP for the devil to knock DOWN, so I'm convinced he will eventually give up and look for an easier target.

May the blessings of this holiday season, and the reason for it, keep all of you wrapped securely in His loving care.

Chrissie hughes

Dear Roger/ Debbie

Thank you for your post and we are still praying for you guys back in northern ireland. Its great to hear That rogers voice is back but he must rest!

Chrissie hughes 13 Northern Ireland

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