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January 04, 2006


Marion, Gwen & David

Hello folks. Just a note to let you know we are still praying for you. One of our missionary's is going thru the same trials you are. We just celebrated our 44th anniversary and hope you and your sweetie get to do the same.
Rememer...God...ain't nobody like Him!!!!
Love ya bunches,
The Eddy's

Jim And Pat in NJ

So good to hear from you! Thank you for your faithfulness to this site. We are praying for you.
Happy New year! Another Year to serve Him. Rope holder, Pat in NJ

Margaret Bunyard

Hi, Roger and Debbie,
So glad to have your latest update. We continue to pray for your complete healing and always impressed with your faith and high spirits even after all you have been through. But our awesome God knows best and has brought you this far, I know He will see you through the future. Sure wish I could be at your concert this Friday but I will be praying for Legacy V as you celebrate this special time together. Hope to see you in Fresno in April. You guys are the best. As ever, your devoted fan Margaret B.


Your post was so encouraging!
("The only constant now is Jesus. The only dependable advocate, the only One who really knows how we feel.") That is so true...and just what I needed...thank you! I admire you that through all of "this", you've been so strong, so faithful, and so devoted. God has given me the assurance that your healing will come, and I believe it, though I'm don't know when or how. After all, His ways and thoughts are higher than ours. Don't give up, Roger, keep pressing on. God still has something for you to do.
Keep trusting Him.

Here's another song you might enjoy reading. It's humerous, but it's got a wonderful point.

Verse 1:
Caught between a rock and a very hard place; coming in last in the big rat race. There's no doubt, I'm all washed out; brother, I'm in a jam. Quickly I look to the left and the right: not another living soul in sight. My back to the wall; nobody to call, but the Great I AM.
Jesus is hope when there is no hope! He's waiting right there at the end of the rope. I call His name, He's just the same whether night or day. I know He's never gonna let me down. He's put His angels all around. Jesus is hope when there is no hope. He can may a way.
Verse 2:
I don't have a paddle but I'm up on a crick. Now my boat just sprung a new leak. Out on a limb, sink or swim: really on the spot. I swallowed a lure and now I'm hooked. There's no way out and my goose is cooked. Satan's got my goat, but He don't know about the hope I've got!

Hope you enjoyed that. Jesus truly is our hope, even when it seems all hope is gone!

God bless you.
Love and Prayers,

Kelly Burton

Your stength and outlook are so inspirational to me. You are in our prayers... we trust in God's best for you and look forward to hearing good news.

(Kelly in Homewood, IL)

goldie coventry

Our family lifts you up in our prayers daily. I still think of the start when you anounced at Cornerstone you were under attack. It seems like yesterday. The kids were so small, where does time go? These few years are not enough and we are praying for the minimum of three score and ten. Isn't it true that during any holiday that celebrates Christ that Satan attacks the bretheran. Jealousy. I was told right before Christmas that I had well defined nodules in both brests on my mammogram and more tests were required. I told my doctor I am standing with Jesus and believing they are benign. Now after several more tests the "experts" are taking a wait and see approach. They agree they may very well be benign. Satan is real and our bodies are his favorite thing to attack. We know are souls belong to Jesus and we wil get a new body and eternity, Praise God, Praise God.

The fat ladies at Cornerstone hold you up and love you all. I get up a 3am for work and say my prayers as soon as I get up, so if the middle of the night is long always remember around the world there is someone always praying in probably every hour.

We love you. It's 2006, look at what victories we have had. Love you all always.


Bob Jorgenson

Roger and Debbie,

Thanks for the updates, although it can not be your #1 priority, it is great to hear how thing are good, bad,or indifferent.
Thanks for your ministry it has been great over the years to see you on video or hear your work on any recorded medium. Gospel music has been a great comfort to me my whole life.
God be with you and bless you


Margaret L McCaul

Just a note to let you know you and your family are always in my daily prayers.

Julia Hunt

Just letting you know that the prayers continue in Iowa.

Cliff Gibb

Just had an e-mail from Stewart Varnado telling me that your back for more treatment. He even reckons that he's going to have some lunch with you on Saturday . Don't let him 'bully you' just tell him that you're coming to the UK with him to do a concert tour, and no argument!!!!
I've contacted every Roger Bennett fanatic I know and they are all praying for your speedy return to 'the ivories'.
"May God's Blessings surround you (all)each day" - just as he promised !
"His strength is made perfect in weakness"
Every blessing to you and yours.
Cliff Gibb (Scotsman in England!)

Nathan Hammer

Hi Roger and Debbie, I just wanted to let you know that we are certainly praying for you all and the Legacy Five Quartet at this time.

Today is my birthday and really appreciate you guys very much.

May God Richly Bless You

Love your friends in Christ,

Nathan, Kathy, & Russel

Jenell McNeill

Just a note to let you know that the Bennetts & L5 are always in my prayers.
Holding tightly to the ropes & expecting God to provide mercy & grace to you & yours,
Jenell McNeill

Helena Boyd

we are praying for you and your family.we haven't heard about you in a few days and we were concerned.
just wanted to let you know we are praying.
your friends,
dale,helena boyd

Bernie and Terry Shirkie

Dear Roger, Bernie and I are praying for you too and we will be continuing!!
"The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by him; and the Lord shall cover him all the day long,and he shall dwell between his shoulders. Deuteronomy 33:12
Roger the Lord indeed has you and your precious family in His grip!![as He does ALL of us!] Love Bernie and Terry


Roger I admire your strength and your courage through these 10 years. I wish that I had a husband that was a Godly man as you are. Your family are in my prayers.

Your sister in Christ

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