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May 03, 2006


Bernie and Terry Shirkie

This was news most welcome to hear Roger!! Bernie and I are so HAPPY for you!!! Love from Canada Bernie and Terry


What Great news! I'm sure a Lot of people will sleep better tonight after reading this latest post! So glad all went well on your 11 day trip, as well! God continues to keep you In His Grip, and we will continue to give Him the praise for your good news!

patsy spohr

Praise The Lord!!!!!


PTL!!! WONDERFUL news!! Thanks for sharing!!

Still holding the ropes,

Morgan (and family)

Helen Johnson

Tears of joy are rolling down my face as I rejoice with you over the latest bone marrow results. The great hymn, "Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow" comes to mind. We all will sleep well tonight secure in His amazing love and grace.

Scott & Robin

Praise the Lord, Roger! What a blessing to hear that you are doing so well. Looking forward to seeing you in Cedar Falls, IA! Still holding tight to those ropes!

Ann Woodward

Hi Roger,
Such wonderful news!!!
I hope you've had a great time traveling and I look forward to seeing you and all the guys in Nashville in a few weeks.
In His Amazing Love,




Thank you dear Heavenly Father is what I said when I read your post. And I teared up too - you can't imagine how many times during the day I pray for you to get all well. You are so important for helping save souls -you have a special knack and such a wonderful ability to compose and sing songs about salvation. It was so very special to see you on the stage in Fresno and you could tell by the audience reaction that you are loved by so many. Today I rested while listening to "Songs We Used to Sing" and your finishing song "When the World Looks at Me" left me with tears of joy. Love from sunny but windy Oregon. Joyce

Robin Titus

"Heavenly Father, we thank you for the healing you are doing in Roger's body. We know that when we remain firmly in your grip that all we need do is ask and it shall be given. Thank you for hearing our earnest prayers and allowing Roger to continue to be a minister of you love and works. Shall we never fail to love and sing your praises! Amen


Nina Foster

Dear Roger:
This news is better than ANY sleeping pill! I am so happy for you and your family.

I am so sorry I couldn't go to Fresno to see you, but if you are in Yuba City this fall maybe I can get to see you then.


Roger your news today of no AML in your bone marrow was so wonderful. I just praise the Lord for his marvelous work he has done in your body. I know you have had to fight to survive with this second transplant. You & God have done a great job. We saw you at Shadow Mountain in El Cajon on Sunday night and were so blessed by the group. You are truley the best. We love you guys.

Jenell McNeill

Forever in my thoughts and prayers,
Jenell McNeill
Palestine, TX

Helena Boyd

Dear Roger and Debbie,
What wonderful news about Roger and we will continue to pray as the other tests come in.
It was so wonderful he got to make the trip.
You are in our prayers.
your friends,
Dale,Helena Boyd

Peggy B.

Roger and Debbie,
Thank you Heavenly Father for this report. You have been in our thoughts and prayers every day. Take care and we will continue to pray. See you in Nashville.
Hanging on to the Rope,
Henry and Peggy B.


Hooray! I'm so glad to hear the good news. What an awesome God holds us in His hands! Love and prayers, Peggy


So thankful for the good report and expecting another. Also thankful that you were able to go with the guys on this long tour.
Take care,
Harold and Lula

Ron Bishop

Hi Roger & Debbie,
I saw you at M.D.Anderson Tuesday. I knew you were heading to a section on R8 and I just said "Hey guys, How are ya'll doing". I did not want to impose on your time. I would have loved to chat for a minute or two like Roger and I did back in August last year or when I stopped buy in the Green section when you were in he hospital last November. I am so happy you got good news this week. I pray the rest of the news is just as good. You are constantly in our prayers and will comtinue to be so.

Blessings friends,

Ron Bishop

Mary Ann Qualia

I just knew that this would happen, that the transplant would finally take over the disease. YEA!! Gods miracles never cease to amaze me. Just dance with him and look what happens. YEA!!!
And now that you have GVH, it will kill any cancer that might be lurking around.
I have been fighting GVH since 30 days out. Its not a bad thing. Just keep it controlled and watch yourself. You will be fine. I have my 2 year check-up May 22nd. Hope my news is as good as yours.
Mary Ann Qualia

Bill & Cindy Kent

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! That is such wonderful news to hear Roger and Debbie!!!! Thanks for being so faithful to keep everyone informed of your medical condition. We never can repay God for all He does for us and we never cease to be amazed at His wonderful power and grace!!! We pray everything will continue to go well with you and we're so glad you can travel again with L5!!!!
Your friends in Christ,

Bill, Cindy, Allen, & Sarah Kent

Leea Browning & Teena Sipe Davis

Thank the Lord for this wonderful news. God Bless you all!

Teena & Leea


On this National Day of Prayer, I give thanks for the many Blessings our nation receives daily and personally. I also thank Him for gifted servants of Christ as yourself and for the journey He has seen your family through. May He continue to enrich you all with His faithfulness in every way.

Romans 15:13 "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, overflowing with hope, by the power of the Holy Spirit."

Christine Strecker

WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO and Praise the Lord what wonderful News to hear !

Love in Christ and still praying !
Christine Strecker
Prattville, AL

Vicky Schnorbus

FANTSTIC NEWS, Debbie & Roger. Makes me look forward even more to the L5 Celebration 2006 later this month. Hopefully the graft vs. host treatment will allow you to be there for at least one (1) day. I can't go out in my front yard and yell PTL anymore (no yard), but I can still yell it in my heart and in my prayers.

Looking forward even more to seeing L5 in about 3 weeks.

From the Wilsons and Schnorbuses in Austin - - love and God's blessings on all of you from Austin, TX.

Ron & Donna

Dear Roger, Debbie and family ..OH WHAT WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL NEWS!! All we can say, from the bottom of our hearts is, "Thank You Lord Jesus for many answered prayers." It was so great to see you and the quartet at Shadow Mountain (and I will always cherish the picture Scotty took of us!!) Roger, you truly are a trophy of His grace, and a walking miracle and proof of the power of prayer. We can truly say .. "With God, ALL things are possible." Keep on being the blessing you are, and encouraging this sad world that there is definitely something better awaiting those who have claimed the promises of God.
Looking and Listening for the shout - then HOME!!

Ron & Donna

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