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November 10, 2006



Thanks, Debbie. Praying everything goes as well as, or even better than expected. Thanks so much for keeping us updated - Roger is such a beacon of hope for all of us, and it's great to know what specifics to pray for. May God give you strength through your part in this process - often, it's harder to be the one waiting than it is to be the center of the flurry of activity. God bless you all! Love and prayers, Peggy

Ron Bishop

Hi Debbie,
Where God has brought you both to is wondrous in every respect of His design. I know the journey has not been pleasant but it has been a great builder of faith for you and all of us, as well. We continue to pray that the "3rd time is the charm" and all will proceed with success and complete remission. Many continue to watch and pray as your testimonies and faith challenge and exhort all in a mighty way. I know you would rather be home but we are happy to have you as neighbors while you are here in Houston. That is if you consider everyone in the Houston area as neighbors. However, I do know that you have many brethren here in the Houston area who are here as prayer warriors and helpers when you need them. Continue to keep the faith as you travel this journey the Lord has led you on and we will be here if you need us for anything.

Blessings and healing for His Saint,

Rev. Ron Bishop

Peggy B.

Roger and Debbie,
YOu know that Henry and I will continue to pray for you every day!
Remember both of you are Vessels chosen by the I AM. You are still firmly In His Grip and we are
Hanging on to that Rope,
Henry and Peggy B.

Vicky Schnorbus

Hello, Debbie.

I hope you got a BIG box. I'm sure you remember what happened the last time. :) And I hope you told the folks to expect an onslaught of mail, because - as all of us know - that's what they'll get. I'm going tomorrow and give whatever they will take from me - blood, platelets, whatever, and be assured I will send you folks the card I get. What's that saying? "She took all I had, and ever will have?" Wish I could remember who said it.

When Jay read the last post you put up, he said "if the folks at the hospital hurt Mr. Bennett again I'm going to Houston and kick them in the kneecaps." We did advise him that 'violence' was NOT the way to handle the situation. Then he said that if he couldn't do it maybe you could. We all told him - again - that we seriously doubted you (or anyone else) would resort to such methods. He is not a violent child at all; in fact, he would much rather make peace than war. But when it comes to you and Roger, he gets very 'intense', if that's a good way to put it.

We will be praying for the 11th floor AND a window. Why not have the whole thing, huh? I hope that what you can see out of the window isn't the horrible Houston air. Remember - drink the water but do NOT breathe the air. Don't ask me how to accomplish that, because I don't know. It wasn't that bad when I was growing up there in the 40s through the 60s.

Please be assured that you folks (all 4 of you) and L5 are in our thoughts every day. We love all of you (people use the word "love" a lot, but I'm serious) like our family, and as such you occupy a great deal of our thinking time.

Take care, and God bless.

Vicky, for the Schnorbus "gang" and the Wilson "gang"

Bernie and Terry Shirkie

Thanks for sending us the address Debbie.
We will certainly be using it..God bless you dear people..Love Bernie and Terry

Evelyn Black

Deb--Thanks for the report--many prayers are going up for all of you-IHG--Love in Christ-Evelyn Black

Ann Woodward

Thanks Debbie for the update knowing how busy you are right now. I pray Roger will get the 11th floor and a deluxe window for viewing.
God bless and give strength to both of you in the days ahead. It's a blessing just KNOWING you are in His care.
Love in Christ,

Ruth McKenzie

Debbie, Thanks for the update. Hope and pray for the 11th floor..a window..the room filled with the presence of the Lord to help carry you and Roger through this ordeal once again. This time with a perfect results. God bless and encourage and strength you both .. my prayer for you.
Ruth McKenzie

Wess & Susan

Deb, You will continue to be a blessing to many! Though this trial is one that is full of stress & anxiety you will be amaized how God uses this time to HIS good pleasure as blessings flow to & frow.

Rawlins' Family

Roger and Debbie,

Our heartfelt prayers and love are with you as you begin another journey but always remember as you look back...there will be one set of footprints.

The Rawlins' Family
Wentworth, NC


Roger & Debbie,
We are praying for you & the whole family.


Roger and Debbie as usuall you and your family have been in my prayers and they will continue to be. May Gods love continue to shine through both of you and remmeber that Gods is alway close to you and many forms.

your loyal fan

Bert & Myrna Harsch

Deb: Prayed this morning that Our Lord would give wisdom to the Doctors and place a hedge of protection around you. We Know He will cause He is faithful!!! Remember: God is Good all the time - all the time God is Good!!!!
Love you in the Lord

Bert & Myrna Harsch
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Roger & Debbie
Thanks for the update and I pray you are settled in on the 11th.
floor. My prayer is that God will strengthen BOTH of you and that you will feel His Blessings all around.
Love in Christ


Thanks for the update, Debbie. I can't really think of any great words of wisdom or encouragement for you - except to say that we will be praying every day for Roger's healing & for strength & comfort for you both. Hang in there, Sister, & know we are all holding the ropes. In His Love, Jessie & Cindy


Sure hope you didn't get stuck on the 12th floor OR in a room without a window! :P

Hope today went smoothly. We're holding the ropes!

Monta Jean Wheeler

Roger, I have been praying for you
and will continue to do so. I am
touched by your faith and trust in
God. As I am going through cancer
with my daughter I feel that God is still in control and I am so
thankful we have Him to lean on
to carry us through these trouble-
some times. She is just two years
older than you, so I feel that you
are one of my kids and I hurt for
you but I know God will come through and give you the strength needed for these times. I'm praying for Debbie that God will
give her strength to be by your side for encouragement. I am still
holding on to the rope.
God Bless and keep you. Love you

The Carrolls

Dear Roger & Debbie,
Hope all is going well with the countdown process. We were watching the Gaither program last night and it was so touching seeing Roger in quite a bit of the video. This served as another reminder to pray for you, especially in your days of isolation and intense treatment.

Like many of your other friends and fans have stated, we are praying for a complete recovery and hoping this third time is a charm really comes true!

Please know you can't see us Roger but you are in our thoughts and prayers and lots of us are watching you via TV, video or listening to your CDs. Your impact on our lives continues even during this time of healing.

Take care and remember with God, all things are possible!

With Love & Prayers,
The Carrolls

Mark James Cave Jr.

Thank you so much Debbie for the address.
I love you all & now it's my time, I got to run because I am working on my websight.
But I wanted to stop by!
Love you lots,

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