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November 19, 2006


Tina Reynolds

Hi Roger and Deb,

Just wanted to leave you a post to tell you I am praying for you!! God bless you!!


Bev Hatch

God bless you, Debbie and Roger.
You all are in our prayers here in Virginia Beach, Va.

Greg Hazelrigg

Roger and Debbie,
Please know that we are praying for you both. Thanks for the post. We check the site daily.

The fans in Northcentral Arkansas


Just checking on you - continue to hang in!!!! Thanks for the update, Deb.... You are in our prayers!


Thanks for the update. We continue to hold you in our prayers.

The Carrolls

Dear Debbie,
Thanks so much for the update. I know it has to be extremely tough on you to see your sweetheart as he goes through the ups and downs of this transplant. May God bless you as you give it your all to help take care of him. You are a real inspiration to so many, including me. Keep up the good fight and thanks again for the update.

With Love & Prayers,
The Carrolls

Anne Franklin

Bless You. Thank goodness you know you have God with you through this trial.


Praying you have a real boring time so that nothing out of the ordinary happens. God bless you and Roger. Boring is good here, right?

Peggy B.

Debbie and Roger,
Remember that you are always in our prayers. We hope that the bad part of the after effects of the transplant are over soon. We remain thinking of you and
Hanging on to that Rope,
Henry and Peggy B.


Thank you for keeping us so update with the procedures that Roger is undergoing. You are a trooper! We are continuing ot keep all of you in our thoughts & prayers.

Vicky Schnorbus

Debbie - you seem to have done a much better job of typing in gloves (I presume the flexible rubber kind) than I ever did. Some of the mistakes I never found.

I would hope that Roger didn't get the virus that was found from the bone marrow donor. I don't know if that's possible, but I'm sure just about anything is, in this world. Probably explains part of the fever and headache. I've had migraines, and if Roger's was anything like that, tell him that I feel VERY SORRY for him.

And you are to be commended, my dear lady, for the continued emotional and physical strength that I'm sure Roger draws upon. You and I were married in times when once we said "I do", we meant it. These days, kids spend thousands of dollars on a lavish wedding, and separate/divorce in the same length of time it took them to plan the wedding. Sometimes less time.

All of us will continue to lift the Bennets up in prayer, and all of L5 as well. The others do quite well when Roger isn't there (I've seen them), but Roger - as usual - is the spice that makes the whole thing better.

As do you and Roger, the six of us down here remain as firmly in His grip as possible.

Love to you all - - Vicky, Clara, Walt, John, Jill & Jay

Jay Wilson

moms leting me use hers and dads email so i can say helo to you i have to go to bed in a minute but i didnt get to say helo for a long time so now its my turn im sory mr bennett had fevr and a headake and i hope hes betr by now mom says he did good with the other thing and that shes sure everthing will be betr this time arond i pray for you all evry nite and so do mom and dad so i know GOD wil listen and make mr bettett betr

good nite from JAy wilSON in AUstin, tx


please know that you and Roger are in my prayers all of the time.Debbie,I know this is so hard on you.but we also know ONE that will help you get through this;Thanks for the update.

John & Jill Wilson

Remember when you got conned by your children to let them stay up "just a few minutes longer"? That's what happened to us. Now that Jay has said his hello, his dad is herding him to bed. Looks like all of our family had about the same idea at the same time, doesn't it?

We're sorry to hear that Roger has been sent to "time out", as one might describe the area where he is now. It makes it extremely difficult for you, Debbie, I'm sure, and for anyone else, who needs to go into Roger's room. When I was very (very) little, I remember an uncle having some type of illness that required the same "gowning and gloving" process before anyone could visit. Since I was about 5 or 6 years old, I wasn't allowed in. I did get to wave at him through a window, though, but it wasn't the same as being able to be in the room with him.

As I notice my aunt has said, not only do we pray for Roger's health to continue to get better, but we also pray that God will give both of you the emotional and physical strength needed to carry you through this third - and hopefully FINAL - round of treatment. We think of you as Roger's personal ROCK OF GIBRALTAR, as probably does everyone else, and even though I know that puts a strain on you, we know you can handle it. Maybe 10 years from now, when nothing new has turned up, you and Roger can go to some nice beach and do what I used to do as a child - - scream my lungs out. I was so HAPPY to be out in the open, no one to tell me to lower my voice, or whatever, that I would make myself hoarse before we left. I'm sure you have some good places like that in TN, but since Galveston is right down the road from you (Texas-speak for it's not a full day's drive), that would be an excellent place to go. Chelsea, Jordan and Roger's dad have been there, so I think you and Roger should get to go next, and do some sunning, swimming, whatever you like to do. And eat some of their seafood. TX has some seafood that isn't recommended for eating (too much mercury and other "bad" things), but I think seafood in Galveston has so far pretty much escaped that problem.

When John and I gave blood a few weeks back, and Mom and Dad did, too, the Blood and Tissue Center here in Austin gave us some 'cards', or 'coupons' to send to you. I was told that you could either save them until you knew how much your insurance would pay toward the blood transfusions, or use them as you go along. I think mother has them, and I can never remember to ask if she's sent them. Vicky went and her iron count was too low, so she's been taking iron pills and eating spinach and other greens drowned in pepper sauce just so she can get her iron count up high enough to be able to donate blood AND platelets. I'd say she's determined. I didn't think they'd take mine, but my iron count was just barely high enough to be acceptable. I'm taking iron pills now, too, and Vicky and I both feel much better. It amazes me what one little pill will do (makes me HUNGRY ALL THE TIME, AND I CAN'T AFFORD IT!!)

Time for John and me to go to bed ourselves, so I'll just say that our most fervrent prayers are that Roger - and you - are able to get this over and done with quickly; Roget gets back to his 11th floor room with the WINDOW, and the rest of the time he has to spend in M.D. Anderson will be much more pleasant than these last few days have been. Both of you have sufficient faith and determination for anything and everything, and Jay is praying very hard for Mr. Bennett to be able to have Christmas at your apt. there in Houston. In fact, he wants to send you something that will guarantee Santa can get in wherever you are if you're away from home. So - I guess I'd best get it in the mail, because CHRISTmas isn't that far away as the postal service goes.

Please be assured that all of us down here love each and every one of the Bennetts (and we don't use that word lightly, I assure you; no one in my family does). Jay wants me to send you his school picture (the last one), but I don't know if I can bring myself to do it. Everyone but me thinks his hair style is cute, but I think it looks like pieces of hay sticking up on top of his head. Maybe I'll send it and you can make your own observation.

Meanwhile, as Roger rests, Debbie, I hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to do the dame yourself. We're still counting on seeing Roger with L5, and you, when they come to Terrell in June of 2007. L5 will be the best thing that's ever happened to that Performing Arts Center, I assure you. And we'll all be right up on the front row!! We can hardly wait.

From the 3 Wilsons in Austin, we send our love and prayers to the 2 (or more?) Bennetts in Houston.

Landon and Karen Ritchey

We just had our family devotions tonight, before our kids went to bed, and we prayed for Roger, like we always do.
We will keep praying for you too, Debbie...for your strength and courage as well. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this journey with us.
The Ritchey Family
Alberta, Canada


So glad to hear of this update.
(I couldn't type in rubber gloves even if I tried!!!).

I wanted to check in and see how things are going with the two of you and let you know I'm praying for you both.

Hugs and prayers,

nina minton

Debbie, Just wanted to let you know that I love you and Roger and am praying for things to go smooth. I know Roger has some things to go through in the coming days but I also know "The Great Healer" is right there with him. He is also " The Ultimate Sustainer". So just keep hanging on to HIM for strength.

Praying in Palestine,

The Wallace's

I too am just checking in. Please know that you all are often in our prayers. My six year old son, "Quint," looks up to Roger and prays for him daily. Hang in there.

With Love in Christ,
The Wallace's in New Jersey

Mary Shadduck

Debbie; Thank you so much for the update...We pray for you Roger and your whole family...Just wanted to let you know and tell Roger that L5 did a GREAT job in the Bakersfield, Ca. concert on Saturday...We were so blessed by them and it really seems a new and deeper spiritual depth is in their concert...They ALL really BLESSED THE SOCKS OFF US...Of coarse we missed Roger and pray that the next time they come he will be able to be with them...It's just not the same without Our Transplant Kid...Love and Prayers...Mary and Earl

Mark Jr.

Dear Debbie,
It was so good to read your post.
I have got to admit that I got a good giggle out of reading that you was typing in rubber gloves.
I don't thank that would be very easy to do, like you said. I am remembering you all in my prayers. I pray that everything will turn out well with Roger. I have been being worried about him ever since I heard that he was going through the health problems, but through the good Lord I believe that everything is going to be alright. Just trust and believe that the Lord is going to see him through.
Well, I could sit here and write all day long but I have got to run.
We are headed out of town to see some friends of ours before they leave for the holidays.
I love you all very much and I will keep praying for you.
In His Grip as always,

Elaine Harcourt

Debbie, thanks so much for keeping us updated. Continuing to pray for Roger & for you & the kids, too. May God bless all of you.

Bernie and Terry Shirkie

Dear Debbie...You are a huge part in the medicine that Roger needs and a huge part in making us aware of what is happening.
We can continue to pray..I feel bad for Roger's headache and will pray for some relief and praying that he will be able to hear how much we all really love him and you!..Love Bernie and Terry

Mac & Jeanne :-)

Thank you so very much for your faithful updates. We check every day to see the latest update. Just wanted to let you know that we continue to pray for you and Roger and your family. What a blessing you all are to all of us.
Love & Prayers,
Mac & Jeanne
Madison, MS


Roger and Debbie,
holding you both close in prayer and lifting you to the throne daily. Roger, i sure pray that life in your hospital room continues to be boring. God bless you.

Evelyn Lanham

Dear Debbie and Roger,
My heartfelt prayers go out to all of you. You are certainly courageous
to do a third transplant but what other options did you have??? I am praying as hard as I know how that God will indeed make this one the total healing one. I pray He gives you HIS strength as you both face each day. With our love and prayers,
Bob and Evelyn Lanham from Monroe, LA.

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