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November 14, 2006


Jenell McNeill

Thanks, Debbie, for letting us know the date of the transplant. I pray that the cells get here in time to do the transplant Thursday, so that will be behind you. God is with you as are your family of rope holders.
Love & prayers,
Jenell McNeill
Palestine, TX


God Bless You and Roger as you continue on this journey to a full and complete recovery. My prayers are with you. Roger is so blest to have you for his helpmate!

Karen Thies

Debbie (& Roger),

Thanks for being so faithful in keeping us aware of Roger's schedule and status. We will step up the prayer campaign, especially asking that the cells come soon.

By the way Roger, although the guys did a fantastic job last Saturday at the Michigan Annual Homecoming in Hazel Park, you were missed. We're hoping and praying that by this time next fall this will all be behind you.

Hang in there & we'll keep holding those ropes.

- Karen Thies, Fruiport, MI -

Ropeholder in Florida

It is my joy and privilege to call your name before The Lord when I pray. I was on my first ever Singing at Sea cruise last week and what a blessing it was! Legacy 5 did you proud in spite of the turbulance on the way back to Jacksonville. I will be looking forward to seeing you back with them very soon. Love and blessings to you and your family.

Coleen Jo Caldwell

We will certainly be zeroing in on Thursday and Friday when we hold you up in prayers. And we will continue to hold the donor up in prayer as he goes through his procedure of harvesting the stem cells. I want to say to both of you - relax and be at peace - all the ropeholders who are in His grip with you most certainly have you blanketed in prayer.

Vicky Schnorbus

Debbie - you took away nothing from Roger's post of yesterday. If anything, you added to it. It's great to hear he's doing so well this time, and we're all praying that this will continue. What he wrote yesterday (?) was very uplifting and joyful (and I only found one misspelled word, even though I wasn't looking for any; the teacher in me, I guess).

We will all continue to pray that you both do well, and that this will be the LAST TIME you two have to come to Texas (and the "lovely" city of Houston) to stay for longer than one or two days/nights, for check-ups.

From the Schnorbuses and the Wilsons (especially Jay, who said to tell you both "HOWDY!" :)

Ruth Voorhees

I will be praying for all to go well.

Ruth Voorhees
Roanoke, Virginia

Anne Franklin

I really appreciate your updates and will be my pleasure to ask all at our monthly Ladies meeting on Friday, (Thursday your time). We are having a special meeting including leaders and speakers from other towns this month and the husbands who come will have their own meeting too. Thought you'd like to know we are praying in New Zealand.

About your thoughts on the Front Line. We had some folk from Victory Church, New Orleans here for a Conference in Auckland last week. A documentary on what they have been doing since Hurricane Katrina would so encourage everyone, especially in USA.

Pastor Frank Bailey has written a small book called The Eye Of The Storm. Their passion and hope for their city is infectious. A chance to build a city with a Godly foundation.

I think it is afternoon in Houston right now. I am going out to watch the sunrise over the beach


Nancy Graham

Hi Debbie & Roger
Thanks for keeping us updated on the transplant. Your family is on my prayer list permanently. Hope to see yall in Nashville on Memorial Day week-end.

Mark James Cave jr.

Dear Debbie,
It is so good to read your postings. Thank you so much for keeping us informed of how things are going with you all.
I love you all!
Take care of your self.

In His Grip,


Thanks for the update on Rogers schedule. Holding tighter to the rope and still praying in Iowa.

Bernie and Terry

Thank you for telling us this Debbie. It is good to know so we can be praying just as it is happening..Love Bernie and Terry

Ha! Boring is good, eh? Boy I wish I had that luxury once in a while!!
He should of brought a couple of those kitties with him. You could have smuggled them up with "In His Grip"!..


My what a sermon Roger, the world needs to hear that....May God cradle you in His big arms during all this...Our prayers are with you and Debbie and the whole family...all the time...God Bless!!


That is great news Debbie. I hope & pray that everything will go okay for Roger.


Debbie & Roger,

I add my words, but more especially, my prayers to our Father on behalf of Roger for total healing, and for you, Debbie, for peace of mind. God is so gracious! Blessings and grace on you both!

A Rope-holder in Texas,


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