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November 12, 2006



Roger & Debbie,
We are praying for you & your family as well as the donor. It is great that there are wonderful people out there that are so giving of themselves. Hang in there Debbie (& Roger) God gives you a lifeline just when you need ot the most.

The Carrolls

Dear Roger & Debbie,
Thanks for the update. I just talked to JoAnn and she said she ran into you at the hospital this weekend. You will never know how much that brief encounter meant to her. I'm sure you enjoyed the visit too. I firmly believe this was a God thing and I thank him for orchestrating it!

Please know we continue to pray for you and have others at church praying for you especially this week. May God bless you with peace and love and joy, even in the midst of the current battle. With God all things are possible so I'm praying he gives you special blessings along this journey to keep you encouraged and remind you of His abiding presence in your life.

We love you a bunch and can't begin to describe what a blessing you are to us. Take care and know there are lots of us outside the hospital that are praying for you!

With Love & Prayers!
The Carrolls

Jim & Darlene

Dear Roger and Debbie, Our prayers are with you in Riverside, California! I can truly relate to rushing, dreading, attitude things you spoke of! So often I have to stop and thank my Heavenly Father for ALWAYS being there with me and loving me even when I'm not really THERE with Him!
Our prayers for strength, peace and healing are right thre with you! In His Grip too! Jim and Darlene P.S. Debbie, I can reeeely relate to the "dog petting thing"! My babies are my security blanket sometimes! God knows just what we need - fuzzy ears and all! d

Helen Johnson

Thank-you, Debbie, for such a timely update. Reading it brought to mind the elements of the Lord's Table. The bread, the broken bread, a symbol of Christ's own broken body, the perfect payment for our healing. Thank God there wasn't just one element, the cup, for the remission of our sins. This alone would have been wonderful enough, but He also loved us enough to bring healing into our lives.

Praying for you and Roger is a blessing to me. Now I will add the donor to my prayers and be blessed doubly.


Leea Browning & Teena Sipe Davis

Everyone at singing school in Brockwell are praying for you. They're still talking about Justin's interview with you on the radio. God bless you both!
Teena and Leea


Thanks for the update. You sound like me - trying to rush around and fix everything on my own instead of just resting in God & letting Him handle things. Good thing He understands us, huh? :) We will continue to keep you all in our prayers. I hadn't thought to pray for the donor, but will surely add this precious person to the prayer list as well. Hang in there. Love & Hugs from Ohio, Jessie & Cindy

Bernie and Terry Shirkie

So glad to hear!!! Still praying..Love Bernie and Terry

Evelyn Black

Deb-thanks for report-our prayers go up constantly for all of you-IHG--Love in Christ--Evelyn Black

Yvonne Lewis

God is so good and he is good all the time. So glad to here that you got on the floor that you wanted and got the window. Please know that you and your family are in my prayers along wtith the donor and the dr's that will be working with you.
Thanks Debbie for keeping us rope holders up to date on my favorite piano player.
May God bless you in a special way and keep you in is loving arms now and for every.
Yvonne Lewis in Russellville Al.

Vicky Schnorbus

Another indication that God continues to answer our prayers. In this day and age, when nothing is what it appears to be, we have at least one positive: GOD IS REAL. So glad Roger got the "whole hog", as we say down here (window & 11th floor). Jay will be glad to know that his prayers since your last post have been answered. He's a bit like Roger - Jay never thinks God won't answer prayer; he just assumes He will. Too bad more of us adults can't be that way.

From the Schnorbuses and Wilsons in Austin, to the Bennetts in Houston - - lots of love.


Greg Hazelrigg

Just wanted to let you know that Roger's fans in Desha,Ark. are praying for his speedy recovery. We apreciate the updates as we check the website each day.

Rev. Gary J Jones

Roger & Debbie,

Thank you for your update. We appreciate that you take time (which is so precious) to keep us informed and it helps us as we pray for you. I am so thankful that we can rest in the embrace of Jesus. We are praying that you both find rest, peace, strength, healing and all that He knows you need while you are in the arms of Jesus.

Rev. Gary, Lori, Alex, Tucker, Makayla and Bennett Fowler Jones

Ruth Voorhees

Dear Debbie & Roger,

Isn't it good to know that God will even answer our prayer about rooms and windows while in a hospital. He does take good care of us with everything.

Be assured that I have been praying (along with Gizmo's help to do it more). I could not sleep last night for awhile and spent it in prayer. I will keep you in my prayers this comming Saturday and Sunday that this will be the last transplant needed, all goes well, and a complete healing comes from it.

Thank you for the updates. We know you are busy, but any that you give us are welcome. Thank you for keeping us informed.

God bless
Ruth Voorhees
Roanoke, Virginia


Praise God for all answered prayers, even when it's a room with a view!!!! Our prayers continue to be with you, as are so many thousands(literally)of others. We are confident of a positive outcome and pray for a smooth journey through this transplant. We love you!

Coleen Jo Caldwell


Your comment about trying to orchestrate it all brought to mind a contemporary Christian song I heard on my way to work this morning - I believe it's by FFH - but the refrain is "You drive, I'll ride" which gives God the wheel to enable Him to take us where we need to be and where He wants us to be -
Not that I always give Him the wheel - there are lots of times I try to do the driving myself so it's good that there are songs to remind me to turn that over on a daily basis.
God bless you - I certainly will be praying for you and Roger and the stem cell donor - working at American Red Cross, I have had the privilege of talking to recipients and donors and from the donors' standpoints, they would do it again and again.
God bless - cjc:)

Ruth McKenzie

Debbie & Roger,
Good morning! This is the day that the Lord has made...for all of we WILL be glad and rejoice in it. Thanks for the update. And...Debbie, don't chide yourself for rushing, being stressed with your circumstances because the Lord knows all about "your" "our" frames...and He loves us all just the same. He will walk this path with you.. today..tomorrow..forever..'cuz He has promised! Our prayers continue to be with you both.
Ruth McKenzie

Elaine Harcourt

Praying that things will continue to go well. Debbie, thanks for the update. I pray His peace & comfort will flood over both of you at this time. Take care.

Terry Boggs

Hi Roger and Debbie,

Another thread in the great tapestry of your lives. The outcome will by God's design and I know you can rest in that. Thank you so much for letting us see into your lives. It is always a blessing to read the posts and see God working in and through you two. Praying for you...Love and blessings,
Terry and Jeff Boggs

Mark James Cave Jr.

Hey, Debbie!
Thanks for the post.
I wanted to stop by as I added you all's link to my sight.
Love you all so much,

Paula Haysmer

Dear Debbie and Roger, You two remain to be such an inspiration to me. With all that you've been through your faith and hope in Christ and all that He will do shines brightly through it all. You both are also not afraid to share with us your shortcomings and human side, too. Thank you for being so real and sharing with us. I pray that God will give you His peace in the next few days as Roger's transplant draws nearer. Your whole family is surely in His grip. Love and prayers in Christ, Paula Haysmer


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