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December 02, 2006


Joyce Johnson

Just keep holding on there. God is not done with you yet. You are in my prayers.

Gloria H. Gravitt

Debbie & Roger, Thank you, thank you! I was thrilled beyond words to get the note & family picture.
Even took it to Airline Bapt. last
night to share with friends that
are praying for you during this
difficult time. Hoping this will
soon be behind you and just seem
like a bad dream. Love & prayers!
Gloria Gravitt - Bossier City,LA


Holding the ropes and glad to hear things are going better. Hope to hear that you're released to the apartment soon!

Sandy Hoy

Roger and Debbie, It was so good to hear from you! We know God is doing a mighty work in you and through you. Your trials have brought the rest of the Family to our knees as we storm Heaven on your behalf. He is also using your life to help your brothers and sisters in Christ to keep holding on when we are faced with the mountains and valleys in our lives. Thanks for sharing your life and your love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Sandy Hoy

Vicky Schnorbus

Always good to hear GOOD news. It's wonderful to hear you may be "sprung" from the hospital. And in time for CHRISTmas, too. Fantastic!!

I still enjoy telling people who don't believe in "miracles" or answered prayer to read your journal pages. They never cease to be amazed at yours and Debbie's faithfulness and strength during a time of trials and troubles. They don't trust God to deal with their "small" problems, much less their "big" ones. Or else they think they shouldn't bother Him with little things. Whatever their reason, they seem to change their minds after reading these postings.

All of us here in Austin will continue to pray for the Bennett family, as well as the families of the other L5 members. And we still look forward to seeing all 5 of you in Terrell, TX, in June. I have no doubt but what it will happen. : )

Love to the Bennetts from the Schnorbuses and the Wilsons (especially Jay).

Geneva Speas

Greetings to you two warriors of the cross. God is good ALL THE Time. Thank God for answered prayer. May God continue to give you both strength. I am holding one to the ropes and talking often to the one that has all the answers. God never fails. God Bless. You both are a blessing to me and to my Brandea. You are loved. Geneva

The Carrolls

Thanks so much for your post. You mean the world to so many of us and we love knowing how you are doing. However, I know how difficult it must be to even think about writing while you're so sick and things are so active in your recovery phase. Just work on taking good care of yourself and we can always "talk" later.

Remember we love you and are continuing to pray for you & Debbie!

With Love & Prayers,
The Carrolls

Greg Hazelrigg

Just a quick note to let you know that we are praying daily for your speedy recovery. You are truly an inspiration to us all. May God continue to keep you in His care.

The fans from Arkansas


We are continuing to pray for you & the family. Glad that you were well enough to post. May your recovery form the transplant & chemo continue to progress in the manner that it currently is. When you ae discharged, I know Debbie will see that you follow the doctors orders.
Glad to hear that your heart & breathing problems have been resolved.

Marilyn Crabtree

Dear Roger and Debbie:
I have been so anxious to hear how you have been doing the last few days. I check your journal every day and am so glad to hear from you. I can't even imagine what you are going through but I know, without a doubt, that the Lord has heard so many prayers on your behalf. Keep doing what you need to do to get well and we will hold you up to the Lord.
We remain committed to pray for you during your complete recovery time and look forward to the time you are again singing with L5.
Holding the Ropes,
Marilyn Crabtree
Pioneer, CA

Ann Woodward

Hi Roger and Debbie,
So glad things are going well now. Please please take it easy and follow Debbie's guidance (not orders). All the stuff you think you need to do will keep for the future. Just rest in God's tender care and get better and better.
In His Love,

Dub Davis

Roger and Debbie,

Thanks for the post. Have been thinking and praying for ya'll a lot lately, especially since we have a good friend that has been to M.D. Anderson this week with cancer too. Our Sunday School lesson for tomorrow is on faith and it has been good for me to "re-learn" some of the principles and to be reminded of what God can and does do in our lives. Will continue to pray for you and all your family.

Holding the Rope,
Dub Davis
Elkhart, Tx.

Karen Thies

Roger & Debbie,

Thanks so much for the post. As always been praying and checking for your post repeatedly daily. Know that you and your family are loved and continuously in our thoughts and prayers.

So glad that you are to be released to Debbie's care at the apartment. That should be good for both of you.

R&R are the ticket now. We love to get your posts, but your rest and getting well as the most important thing. We will continue to pray and hold those ropes.

- Karen Thies, Fruitport, MI -



"Don't let your heart be troubled..."

I have learned this week, that no matter what comes my way-I have no cause to be afraid of anything because God's "Got my back".

This time of year is quite difficult for me at times, due to losing my Grandmom to the same disease which took actor Dudley Moore from us all.

I watched my Grandmom's slow and painful exit from this life-which took five years. But she stepped RIGHT into God's embrace. I can't help but miss her sweet smile.

And then...out of the blue, God sends one of his Angels to comfort me--to remind me that my Grandmom is with God-and that both of them, my Uncles, and a host of Heaven's crowd are watching my every step.

12/18 will be five years since my Grandmom passed from here to Heaven. When I need cheering up; God will do something--or show me something and I instantly think of Lela Dorise and her mischeivous grin and the sparkle in her eye that I miss so terribly.

Where's my hope?
"Whatever my lot...thou has taught me to say...."

(Believe it or not; I can hear the lines you played that I ripped off---and I'm not even plugged into the cassette! I've played that arrangement for YEARS now; and WOW does it just help a heart feel better!!)

Keep a smile on your face; it's the season of Celebrating His Love. WOW. Rest. Gotta do what the docs tell ya; absolutely. Stick to that plan like superglue and there's gotta be a quicker recovery in there that way.

Please take care of you and I know Debbie will see to that.
Ropeholders got the ropes and we aren't about to let go.

That whole "mustard seed" situation.
A little Faith........and struggle's gotta take a hike; even if temporarily.

In His Grip and Under the Mercy,


Keeping you in our prayers.
Your Ropeholders in Ohio, Jessie & Cindy


Keeping you in our prayers.
Your Ropeholders in Ohio,
Jessie & Cindy

amy johnson

hey guys,
it is so good to hear that you are over the rough stuff. i pray for you and isn't it awesome that the Lord our God hears us..keep smiling and laughing each your friend in GA.
amy johnson

Peggy B.

Roger and Debbie,
You know that you are always in our prayers and thoughts. Know that we will continue to pray for you because you mean a lot to us.
We are holding on to our end of the Rope.
Henry and Peggy B.

Ruth McKenzie

Glad for the up-date...but so sorry for all the pain and suffering you have been going through. We will continue to help hold those "ropes" Roger & Debbie. It is awesome to be a part of the Family of God and to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May the blessings of the Lord be lavished upon you during this season of His birth.
Ruth McKenzie (and Bill)

Linda Warrick

He's there all the time. Just hold on to that fact. God is right there with you both. and He is guiding the care. We thank Him, for your sake, and for ours. We love you so much that we feel the anxiety, too. But we pray, believing, always believing in our powerful Healing God!

Rope holders in East Texas!

PS: We sat by your dad in Nashville, for the Labor Day sing! He is a sweet, sweet man!

Teena Barker

Roger and Debbie,

I haven't forgotten you...and y'all are in my prayers...

Take care and God bless!

Teena Barker

Joyce Mikulcik Saskatoon CANADA

Dear Roger and Debbie.
God always comes to you in your need.What a testimony for all of us.You two have the greatest there is. A merry and Blessed Christmas to all your family .We are all holding the ropes buddy and Take it from me .I have been sick for nearly 10 months because of infection gotten in Hospital after surjury.
My days are not as bad as yours but I can identify with weakness illness etc and not being able to go out.I read your journal and it lifts me up What a wonderful God we serve. I pray for all of you many.many times a day love Joyce Mikulcik Canada Can't wait to hear you on the piano again.

Bernie and Terry Shirkie

Dear Roger and Debbie...I always think that no news is good news most of the time so even though it is nice to hear your voices again, we know that all must be going well if they are quiet!!..God bless you both...Love Bernie and Terry


Thanks for the update, Roger. Glad to hear you seem to be on the better side of the curve.
Unless this snow falling outside my window gets out of control, I will see Legacy Five tonight in Yorkshire, NY. Wish you were here!
Take care, friend, and follow the doctors' (and Debbie's!) orders so your recovery will be in smooth and uneventful. God bless you! Love and prayers, Peggy


Roger: I am glad to hear that you are doing better and I know that Gods HEALING hand has been touching you and Debbie and I continue to pray for you and your family as you continue in your recovery progress. My prayers are with you and your family and I pray that next time their is a new post it will be from your apartment.

God Bless

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