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January 05, 2007


Spencer Smith

Praise God for answered prayer! We are so happy Roger is "home" again. We will certainly remember your friends in our prayers too. Thanks for keeping everyone & Roger are such an inspiration and there are not enough words to tell you how very much you both are appreciated. God bless.

Sara Inman

Debbie & Roger -

Thank you Debbie for keeping us up to date. You are sooooooo awesome! Roger, I am glad you are able to get some fresh air for a change. God continue to bless you and your witness to the world. The Hill family has been added to our prayer list. Enjoy your escape. Love to you from Texas. The Inmans


Dear Debbie & Roger:

It's so good to hear that you're back at the apartment, Roger! You are in the prayers of many here in the Vancouver area of B.C. Canada. The Hills have also been added to my prayer list! May God sustain you during this challenging time.

Keeping a grip on that rope!
Love, Evelyn

Wess & Susan

Deb, Let the Hills know we are lifting them up in prayer & I will also post the prayer request on my site.

Vicky (Jay's Aunt)

First, it's wonderful to hear that you've been able to get Roger back to the apartment. I'm sure he feels better just being away from there.

Second, you know you have but to ask, dear Debbie, and all of us will do everything within our power to accomodate you. I, too, have some friends with the last name HILL, so I'll just say in my prayer "both HILL families", if that's okay with you.

Make Roger behave (we know you will), and good luck with mashed potato recipes. Roger may never look at another helping of mashed potatos again for the rest of his life (and I wouldn't blame him).

From all of us in Austin, to you folks in Houston - - lots of love and God's continued blessings.


Debra Sandling

So good to hear you are home. Have Debbie make you some more mashed potatoes. I don't post much on here but check daily for updates. Yall are loved and we are praying for you!

The Sandling's

Helen Johnson

It is my joy to pray for the Hill family and their precious daughter in the ICU. Jesus is the name above all names that we can call on when comfort is needed and yes, even a miracle of healing.
Bless you Debbie for taking the time to keep the ropeholders updated. May the move back to the apartment be just "what the doctor ordered" and Roger begins to gain strength doubled and renewed every day. Rest in comfort tonight knowing that there are still hundreds of us holding the rope for the both of you and the Hill Family.
Helen and Wayne

Geneva Speas

Dear Debbie & Roger, what a Mighty God we serve. I am so thankful for answered prayer. I am asking God for a miracle for the Hill family. But most of all that His will be done and that He will give strength and peace to them. I can "hear" from your voice that things are looking up. Take care of Brandea's hero and yourself. We are praying for you both. You are loved. God Bless. Geneva


Please know that you,Roger and the Hills are being prayed for and may you feel His Almighty arms wrapped around you all. Remember, He is still on the throne and in control as we all remain...In His Grip....

Bernie and Terry Shirkie

Dear Roger and Debbie...What good news to hear on a rainy day in Welland..Just so nice!! I am glad that you have nice balmy weather and I hope that you give Roger a good meal...of course you will!!

We will be praying for your dear friend and her daughter...Love Bernie and Terry

Allan & Patti Foster

Believing with you for the Hills!

Your California Foster Family


Praise the Lord for answered prayers and small steps forward. Actually, small steps forward are really giant steps, aren't they? We continue to pray, of course, and we will pray for the Hills. God is so gracious!

In Christ's love,
Sidney Green

Ann Woodward

Hi Debbie,
So glad for your escape from the hospital even if you have to return each day. How wonderful it is to be able to pray for others and know they feel God's presence with them.
I hope Roger is able to eat more than mashed potatoes now, maybe even some of your sweet potato biscuits with do I dare say FRIED CHICKEN? Forgive me, some of my southern upbringing kicked in.
In His loving grip in rainy Washington,


Wellll Glory!!! Praise the Lord for being out of the hospital!!
Thanks for taking time to keep us updated. Praying here for You & Roger & all of the Hills.
Love & Hugs from Ohio,
Jessie & Cindy

Kay Coen

Please know that I am so glad Roger is out of the hospital. Most of the time it is late at night when I look for your latest news. Yes, I will also pray for the other family you mentioned. May god hold you in His loving care.


It is great to hear that Roger is able to be @ the apartment tonight!


Coleen Jo Caldwell

What a blessing to be at home in the apartment - and know that you need not ask only once for us to put the Hill family in our prayers. They have to be pretty special for you to have to ask - guess that's why God put in a place to meet them and become friends with them and minister to them.
God bless you both as you grow in His strength and remain in His grip

Doris Spencer

WELL GLORY IS RIGHT!!God is still on the throne!Can't wait to see you back on the piano Roger.Next time you're at Hartville Kitchen in Ohio look down to your right.Good Lord willing,my husband and I will be there,Denny and Doris Spencer from Grampian Pa.God bless you and your family.As always our prayers are with you and your family.Doris Spencer from Grampian Pa.

Nora Balcer

Hi Debbie & Roger,

Thanks for the great news, and I will be adding the Hills to my prayer list.



Don & Sandie Dyer

So glad you're back in the apt. Thanks for being so faithful in keeping us updated. We check every day for news from the Bennetts. You're always in our prayers.

We will hold up the Hill family in prayer also. We know God will let them know they are in His Grip too.

God's Blessings to you all.
Christian Love,
Don & Sandie (California)

Judy Hicks

Hi Debbie,
I attended Roswell Street in Marietta last night and was glad to get the report that you all had gone home(Houston home)that afternoon...was very good news.
We have attended all eight of L5 in Marietta and each year is better than the last. The guys were just wonderful. Greater Vision did a great job too. The new promoters seem to set a more spiritual atmostphere and appeared more organized. I will have to tell you, I know that a gospel group needs a piano player and as good as Tim Partin was upsetting to me to see him in Rogers place. Yes, I sat there and cried but next year Roger will be there and I will cry again and smile through the tears.I am in hopes that I will see him back before 2008. Will have to keep close watch on their schedule.
I am very thankful that Roger is making progress and I know that having him out of the hospital is an encouragement to both of you. You may be sure that the Hills will be in my prayers along with the Bennetts.
May God continue to bless you both and keep you in His grip.
Judy Hicks

Jenell McNeill

PTL!!! It is so good to hear that Roger is out of the hospital. I'm so happy for both of you. I will add the Hills to my prayer list.
I'm sending my love and prayers as I hold tightly to the rope.
Jenell McNeill
Palestine, TX

Peggy B.

Debbie and Roger,
We are so glad that Roger and you are able to back at the apartment. You know that we will pray for your friend and her family. We will pray for her daily as we do for you.
Hanging on the the Rope,
Henry and Peggy B.

Jill Wilson (Jay's Mom)

Debbie - - Your news about Roger being OUT(!!) of the hospital is wonderful. I'm sure it will make life somewhat "easier" for both of you. I just hope Roger isn't counting on being able to "rest", because going back and forth will definitely not be easy. But, you folks already know that, don't you?

We're having a "blue sky, very few clouds, lots of sunshine, and STRONG WIND" day in Austin today. When we got home from church, and got out of the car, Jay almost got blown away by the "breeze". It jerked the door out of his hand as he was getting out, and John barely managed to grab the door before it slammed on Jay. Needless to say, none of us are venturing outside for the rest of the day without being firmly "anchored" to something. I think we skipped all the way into MARCH, which seems to happen earlier every year. Or maybe it's just because I'm getting older every year.

We continue to pray for the two of you, your families, and for L5 in general. We're looking forward to seeing the rest of the group in Temple, TX next Saturday. It won't be the same without Roger at the piano, but we'll give Tim a chance. As someone said about the Marietta concert - - next year ROGER WILL BE THERE. And even though WE won't be in Terrell, TX in June, we're POSITIVE that ROGER WILL BE THERE!! Vicky is instructed to TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES, so we'll see what happens.

Love to the Bennetts, from the Wilsons.

Jill (for the "gang")

Mark Jr.

Thanks Debbie for the posting.
I am so glad to hear that Roger is out of the clinic.
And I am sorry to hear about your friend. We will remember her in prayer.
I love you all.
In His Grip,

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