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January 27, 2007


Dick Carter

Thank you for the update! We are so grateful to hear good news. Our God is so wonderful, truly, He never leaves or forsakes His children. We are praying for continued strength and health for Roger, and Debbie, we pray God gives you an added dose of strength for each day and peace of mind. Keep Holding On.
Maranatha, Dick Carter

Peggy B.

Thank you for the update. We are glad that Roger continues to improve. Remember patience is a virtue that many of us have had to learn. You continue to be in our prayers. We did see some nice quartet boys in Tyler last week. It was a super concert. Take care
and remember we continue to Hold on to our link of the Rope.
Henry and Peggy B.

Anne  Franklin

I am so glad to hear that things are moving along more to plan than not.

The focus on cancer is a period that will end. A little story, (Testimony), follows if you will excuse the liberty.

One day I was driving through farmland into town. Tears streaming down my face as one of our children had made a decision that I knew was not right or good for him. One of the areas I passed had been planted in new pine forest about 3 years previous and the trees were heading for 2m high. (They grow fast & strong in New Zealand). Another block was brand new, probably only a couple of months old and there were also blocks of almost mature trees. Suddenly the Lord spoke and said, 'As time passes these trees will grow and the landscape will look completely different. The underlying foundation remains but the scenery, the outlook changes with time.'

This thought has helped me through many bad times. I hope it does the same for you.

Oh, and not too many months passed before he phoned to ask me to help him as he had to get out of that situation pronto. It doesn't mean he has got his life back on track with God but it told me clearly that God has His hand on his life.

Blessings and love from us here in N.Z.

jim and jean pittman

So glad to hear things are better we think about you a lot and you are in our prayers your such a blessing to us who know you and what your going thru,we have a crisis here our daughter has blood or bleeding on her brain and no insurance so we cant get anything done for her so remember her in your prayers please her name is Sharon hope to hear that Roger in still doing better . the pittmans from Michigan me im from ark paragould is where I was born I gave roger pictures takin in strawberry an while back

Mac & Jeanne :-)

Thank you for the update. We are always glad to hear news from you! So glad that things seem to be going well. Keep up the good work and remember that we are always praying for you and your family. Glad you got to see the L5 guys for a while. I know that did you both good! Take care and know that we love you and are praying for you!
Love and prayers,
Mac & Jeanne
Madison, MS

Ann Woodward

Hi Debbie and Roger,
SO GLAD to hear things are going very well. It's always so much easier to look back and say that much is done. Take JOY in each day and soon you will be back in Tennessee thinking it's all done and life is back to normal. Is there such a thing as normal?
Please take care of yourselves.
In His Amazing Love,

Ruth McKenzie

WOW! It was good to open up the computer this time and find a new post from you. I watch everyday so that I can know how things are going and can pray correctly. Thanks be to our Lord for bringing you this far and we trust that very soon REMISSION will be forever!
In His love,
Ruth McKenzie

don brock

That's a good report. I still remember like yesterday when L5 was just starting and came to Imperial, CA. During the "warm-up", I asked Roger if they would do "I read the back of the book", which of course they did. Great song - I wish they would let me back up the bass singer on that one. Roger will win, and spend a lot more time down here writing, playing, and inspiring. Hang in there Roger, and stay away from those green jello salads.
Blessings - Don and Cheryl Brock

Ron Bishop

Well frends,
It is so good to get this update. I guess you would feel as if you had been here a long time. Well, we want to get rid of you as fast as we can, too. LOL!!! We want to see you in total remission and out there doing what God has called you to do. I cannot wait until the day when I see you walk back on that stage and bless our hearts with your tremendous talent. I told you a few months ago that God has wonderful things in store for you and I believe it. They told me I was a goner too a few years back but God is still using me with my writings and lessons. There is a full time ministry out there for me and I know it. I am committing that to Him as I have you and Debbie. By the way, there is a young woman(Jen Livingston) who was in G10-1068 who has a malignancy that has metastasized. She has only a short time to live. She had some surgery this week on her kidney that was blocked. She may be gone already but if you think about it, please pray for her. She has two small children and her family is devastated. We will faithfully pray for you both and we rejoice at the progress you have made.

Blessings in Christ,


Vicky (Jay's Aunt)

Well, kiddos, whenever I don't see anything new posted, I know that all is going well. I'll have to admit that whenever I see a new date on the posting, though, my heart beats a bit faster. I don't know why, because - as you say - GOD IS IN CONTROL. However, being human, I guess we always fear bad news when it's been a while.

I know I say this every time, so if it upsets people, I'm sorry. We're all looking forward to seeing Roger at the piano when L5 makes their "debut" in Terrell, TX, at the LAKE COUNTRY JUBILEE. I've got to tell you - the people who come to those concerts LOVE gospel music, so - ROGER - you might as well get ready for a bunch of STANDING OVATIONS, and you all had best have lots of songs ready for ENCORES. In fact, Harold (the promoter) may have to just step in and close the curtain. :) We do tend to get a bit carried away at times. And Jay is definitely looking forward to at least seeing L5 in person. I hope nothing happens that he doesn't get to go. If he misses you folks in Terrell, well, let's just say I'm glad I don't live in the same house with him, and/or I'm not his parent. I think they'd have a mutiny on their hands (if one person can be a mutiny, that is).

We're all so EXCITED that things are going well, but that doesn't mean we'll stop praying. To me, it just means we may have to "energize" our prayers a bit more, just so the Lord knows we're still serious. I hope you folks will pray for a good friend of mine, too. I haven't heard recently how she's doing, but the original prognosis was NOT good.

You folks take good care of yourselves, and ROGER - we're looking for some more wonderful SONGS to come out of this trip to Houston. You've written so many already, but I know the Lord has lots more to give you. And our L5 CDs are about all worn out from being played repeatedly, so we need some new ones.

From us down in Austin, to you folks up in Houston - - love and God's continued blessings on you and your family.

Bobby & Glyndene

PRAISE THE LORD FOR ANSWERED PRAYERS! You two just keep hanging in there. That front porch will be your place of relaxation very soon, just in time for spring flowers and birds singing. Love ya both lots, Bobby & Glyndene


What a blessing for me to find out about his blog site today! I am an old time fan of Roger's! My prayers are with you all as you manuever through all this. Psalm 21 is one of my favorite portions of scripture during difficult times. My sister and her hubby are missionaries in Venezuela and were so touched when at a Cathderal concert in Orlando, Roger chatted with them awhile and then blessed them with lots of free music CDs, etc. to take back with them to the field! Our family will never forget that kindness.

Greg Hazelrigg

We are glad to hear that things are going OK. We are looking forward to a "Roger Bennett-L5 Homecoming-2" in Batesville. Still praying till all is well and Roger is back at the piano.

The fans in Arkansas

Evelyn Black


Dot Timothy

We are so happy to hear that things are going so well there and that you are feeling much stronger every day. We pray for you all and your family daily.
Our Love and Prayers,
Enoch and Dot

Nina Foster

Dear Debbie and Roger: As you read through the comments above, I am sure you get the message that we are happy to hear the encouraging news! We will continue to uphold you both in prayer.


Thanks for the update! It is wonderful that the tests are showing Roger in remission.
The faith that the 2 of you have will always see you through.

Finger, TN

Wayne Starnes, M. D.

Praise God, praise God for that update - not that we were "surprised" - just wondered when we'd hear it! I join with your other friends from AR - I am from Marmaduke. At the NQC one year I told Roger of my own ordeal with "totally inoperable Ca of the spinal cord",and of His immediate healing - 23 yrs now Ca-free! At that time I had been living a "ragamuffin" life for sure, although I still held to His Hand, and I KNEW beyond the shadow of a doubt He COULD and WOULD HEAL ME. I don't understand how one can KNOW that, but that's what it takes - ABSOLUTELY knowing; thanking Him in advance (Mark 11:24). Remind Him He promised it; stand on it; and DEMAND IT, because IT IS YOURS!! IN PRAYER FOR "TOTAL HEALING" because He doesn't leave His works unfinished! Keep the faith, my brother!

Wayne Starnes, M. D. (retired)
Little Rock

Bernie and Terry Shirkie

That's Ok Debbie because every day when I am looking for news of Roger, it looks just so good when you say every day is getting better.. and so it is, eh?
Nice to hear all about it!!..Love Bernie and Terry


Dear Debbie,
Thank you.
I am really thankful for the good good news.
We love you all,

eleanor & neville black

sending geetings from N.Ireland, we have been following Roger's progress and are glad to hear the gd news today, we are praying for his complete healing and look would love to see you in Northern Ireland again and hear Roger's annointed minstry once again Love from Ireland

Margaret and Jim Smith

Great News!
Margaret and Jim (Northern Ireland)

Evelyn Lanham

We are so thankful that things are going well. A Doctor smiling must really warm your hearts!!! I can't begin to know how you are getting through this long process, except I do know what it is too, it has just been a long time. That is my prayer for you both. That soon, and very soon, you will be well and will find out again how life does fly by!I say this with deep feeling, Tuesday I will be 78 years old. I can't believe that either!!!Especially since it has been 29 years since I was told I have less than a year and a half to live!! Now you know how I am praying for you Roger. And we do pray for all of you.
Much love in HIM and we too are holding to his GRIP.
Evelyn in Monroe, LA.


i keep checking and praying for you roger. so glad to hear that things are going better. hope to hear that you are back on the road again soon. bless you both.

Harold Arnold

Just a note to let you both know that I always try to read your most recent posts concerning Rogers health and progress. The most recent post was very encouraging. Keep up the good work and I do hope to see you with your group together again very soon. You are in our prayers. As you say, STAY IN HIS GRIP!!!

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