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I've been a gospel quartet piano player since November of 1979 when I was asked to join the ledgendary Cathedral Qt. I may be from the country, but stupid i ain't! I started traveling with the group the next Tuesday night. The following years were the most fun and fulfillling years of my life.

16 years into my ministry I was striken with Chronic Lyphocytic Leukemia. A deadly desease. My friends and family encouraged me to go to M. D. Anderson in Houston for my workup. I'm so glad I did. I truly believe that through their care and God's mercy, I've had years added to my life.

This journal is a way for you to keep up with me on a quick basis. I'm gonna share it all because I'm convinced that people need to know that gospel singer, preachers, Sunday school teachers are not immune to the troubles of this world. I learned this lessons in my first "Midnight", it looks like I'm headed into another "Midnight", so I could use the company! Let's see what God has in store.

In His Grip!

Roger Bennett


reading, photography, web page work, listening to music. and fantasizing about starting a walking routine tomorrow!