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January 25, 2006


Vicky Schnorbus

Isn't it wonderful how being in your own home always makes you feel so much better? This is GREAT news, Debbie and Roger, and all of us will be praying that this new "experiment" works. And if the AML has crawled away on its belly like the snake out of the Garden of Eden - WONDERFUL!! The Ropeholders will just have to pray extra harder for it to STAY AWAY!!

Love from the Schnorbuses and the Wilsons, praying BIG TIME in Austin, TX.

Patty Spicer

It is good to finally see an update from you. I kept telling myself that the old saying no news is good news applies in your case but anyway it is good to hear that you are getting to spend a few days at home away from the hospital. Hope you will be able to be back on the road with Legacy Five in the near future.

Jay Wilson (with a little help from Grandma)

we just turned the computer on and saw what you said im glad your home and feeling better i hope the bad stuff never comes back again

JAy WIlson

G race

Dear Roger and Debbie,
Thanks for the blessing and encouragement you constantly are. What a picture of God's faithfulness (and your faithfulness to Him) you are. Waiting is the hardest lesson but he promises strength in whatever He calls us to. I watched a L5 video last night and was so encouraged in a struggle I am currently going through. thanks for being faithful messengers of His grace whether on the road or off. God bless. we continue to hold you in our prayers daily!

Joe & Sallie

Roger, so good to hear that you are home. God is good. We so appreciate your witness through all of your health concerns. God has a plan. We know that God has plans, and that everything is on His time table. That is where our faith lies. Someday we will know everything. "Oh what a day that will be!" You and the family are continually in our prayers as well as the L5 guys.

God bless. HE LIVES!!!

Joe and Sallie

Peggy Bowdoin

Both of us are so glad that you are at home for a spell. Remember that we pray for you and yours daily.
Hanging on to that Rope,
Henry and Peggy B.

Christine Strecker

Dear Roger and Debbie:

I have been praying for you and the family ! I will for certain keep on praying ! I lost my Mom in Oct of 2005 and talk about a hard time whoa .... but God is faithful and he will see us each through our trials ! Legacy five was just at East Memorial Baptist Church and the guys did great although I must say you not being with them was a huge missing link that's for sure ! You were definitely missed in Alabama !

Love and Prayers!
Christine Strecker
Prattville, AL

Coleen Jo Caldwell

You know that scripture in Isaiah -"they that wait upon the Lord...." and while it's hard He will give us the strength and patience to wait for His divine answers. And remember the rest of that verse....."shall renew their strength" Your patience is above reproach - and I know the Lord will reward you for being such a good servant of His.
God bless you as you wait and rest - cjc:)

Bernie and Terry Shirkie

Nice to hear you in there Roger! Nothing like home to cheer! It is medicine in itself!Everytime there is a new posting by you Roger everybody is filling our email address with the good news that Roger has posted!! Thanks Vicky!!
We are really glad for Debbie! Valentines day is coming up real soon you know!!! Love Bernie and Terry

Jewel Pace

Love the Bennet Family and I am still praying for you. Love in Christ, Jewel, NC

Patsy Spohr


Thanks for the update. It's always good to be at home. This will probably do you more good than any medicine. You remain in my prayers. I, too, was at the L-5 concert last sunday evening in Prattville, Al. Everyone was wanting a report on your condition. The guys did great, but I know they miss you, as did those in attendance! Continue to keep us updated on your progress.

Patsy Spohr
Columbus, Ga.

pastor bill proctor

roger,we have you and your family on our prayer list at our church .you have certainly been an inspiration to us and countless numbers of people. may you continue to feel His prescence and receive complete healing . God bless you, bro. bill

Ann Woodward

Hi Roger,
So good to finally hear from you. As hard as it is to wait, God's timing is always perfect. Enjoy Tennessee. We're looking forward to the Homecoming in Nashville and visiting family in May. Take care and you remain in my prayers.
Your Washington friend,

Geneva Speas

Dear Roger,
It is great to have an update. There is no place like home. Glad you and Debbie are back in TN. You are always n my prayers and my thoughts. Brandea asks every day if Roger is home yet. May the days of waiting be filled with blessings from on high. God is never early or late, but always on time. You are a blessing to all who know you. You encourage all of us. God Bless and keep you close to HIm. Geneva

Nathan Hammer

Roger and Debbie, It's so good to hear from you again. We will be continuing to pray for you and Legacy Five during these difficult days. Hope we can see you all in concert soon.

Love in your friends in Christ,

Nathan, Kathy, & Russel

Nina Foster

Dear Roger and Debbie:

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home--especially when it is filled with God's love!

Larry and Jane Bishop

Dear Roger and Debbie,
We were so happy to hear that you are home. You and Debbie are such an inspiration and a witness of God's love for all His children. We continue to lift you up to the Lord and pray that you and the family will be surrounded by God's
peace and love!
God bless you and keep you in his
loving care.

Larry and Jane Bishop

Judy Hicks

Dear Roger and Debbie,

Isn't home wonderful! Your own bed, your favorite chair along with all that is familar. In Tennessee you have wonderful big trees, not scrub oaks. Am glad that you are feeling better and that your counts are rehabing the way they are suppose to.
I didn't miss Roswell Street on the 6th and it was a wonderful concert. It was awesome to see you at the piano..the group complete. Jordan did a great job! I visited with Chelsea for a minute..a very sweet girl. You two have done a wonderful job of should be very pleased and proud of the kids.
Roger, keeping hanging in...the Lord has truly worked in your life and will continue to do so. You all are in my prayers daily.

Love and God's Blessings,
Judy Hicks


Glad to hear you're home, Roger, and hope you'll be feeling better every day.Legacy Five will be in my neck of the woods in February, and it would be great to see you there (but better wear your long johns, if today is any indication. BRRR...)You and your family are never far from my thoughts. Love and prayers, Peggy


There's no place like home!!!
Still praying.
Harold and Lula


We love you guys and God loves you too! You are always in our prayers.
God bless,
Ralph & Judy
Sheltered safe within the arms of God!!


Dera Mrs. Bennett,
I just woke up this morning and I felt the Lord asking me to come here and tell you...
The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Deut. 31:8

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Isaiah 40:29

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. Isaiah 40:31

Claim His promises!!!!


Glad to hear from you and know you
are enjoying being home. "refined
as fine gold"---yes Roger. You
going thru the fire. So many of us
are growing closer to the Lord as we watch and pray with you through the process. This is a terrible test but perhaps it is your greatest testimony. And God will give you many songs to sing in these dark nights. Still holding the rope

Helena Boyd


Evelyn Lanham

I was so glad to see a new update from you. I know there is no place like home and will be praying that everything will be perfect for you to be accepted in the new trial (IF THIS IS GOD'S PERFECT WILL FOR YOU). We love you all and as a cancer survivor I know the anguish you are facing but I also know the miracle working healing from the LORD. May HE touch you today as we all pray for you. God Bless and Keep holding to HIS GRIP!
Blessings in HIM.
Bob and Evelyn Lanham

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