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July 11, 2007


Henry  and Peggy B.

Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
Henry and Peggy B.

Ruth Gilbert

Hi Debbie, I enjoyed your "musings" so much! We attended Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, TX, on Sunday (this was the last place I saw Roger perform by the way). Anyway, the pastor's message was on this very subject...of letting others see Jesus in us. He told a wonderful story...sorry if this gets too long on here. A young man was asked by his church to start going to their nursing home services once a month. This young man was not comfortable with this, so he went anyway but stood in the very back. The nurses rolled a man up in a wheelchair right beside him. The man never opened his eyes, but took this young man's hand. The young man didn't let the man's hand go, but held it all during the service and squeezed it when he left and said, "I'll see you next month." This same scene went on month by month. Finally, one Sunday they got there for the services and the nurses said this man had passed away. The young man was able to meet the man's niece. She said, "You know, the nursing home here said my uncle never talked, but he spoke to me before he died. He said for me to tell Jesus goodbye. She said, "Uncle Oliver what are you talking'll see Jesus before I do! I said, "No, Jesus comes here once a month and holds my hand."
Isn't that great...that's how we should all be in this life...more of Jesus, less of ourselves!
Have a good day!
Ruth Gilbert
Corsicana, TX

Elaine Harcourt

Debbie - I understand completely. I know God hugs me each day but nothing makes me feel better than getting a hug from 'someone with skin on'. Praying for you.

Coleen Jo Caldwell

Jordan was wise beyond his years when he was 3 and I imagine he still is. What he said can be echoed by every living person on earth. And sometimes it doesn't matter if there are other people in the room with you or how many, you just need to be hugged and touched by another. If we could all be so wise as Jordan was, the world would be a much nicer place.
God bless you for sharing - cjc:)


Still praying for you and your family.

Harold and Lula

Shanna Locker

Dear Debbie, I read your post through tears. I feel the "need" in your words. Many times it is so hard to trust that God sees and knows what we feel. Our human emotions and needs cloud our view of Him. The thing that is carrying me through right now is reminding myself of God's unfailing promises. He cares, He is always there, He is interceding for me, He loves me, He, He has suffered so He understands, He's going to supply all my needs, He's going to bring me to Glory, He's EVERYTHING and He's MINE! God Bless You Debbie!
Shanna Locker


I received my 2006 Parade of Pianos DVD and My Midnight Meditations DVD today. I have watched the Parade of Pianos twice since getting in with the mail at 5:00 pm. We were at NQC last year and I was concerned Roger was overworked at Pianorama. After watching the dvd, I saw his strength and faith. Softly and Tenderly Jesus was calling and It Is Well with his soul what a wonderful way to remember Roger's last earthly professional performance. If Roger's singing with Dino's accompaniment and the mass choir on It Is Well doesn't touch your heart nothing ever will. I am grateful I was priviliged to be there last year and so very grateful to have it on dvd. May God hold you even tighter in the coming days. Thanks for sharing your husband and life with us through this journal.

Bobby & Glyndene

Debbie, thanks for the good visit. As always, it was a very pleasant time of fellowship (with skin on)! That was a beautiful memory of Jordan's childhood thoughts and is so fitting for our everday lives. May God bless you special today. We love you. Hope the melon was good.

Jenell McNeill

Debbie, bless you, your posts echo what I've been through the past 2 years since my husband went Home. We had been married 51+ years and were each other's best friend. I still have days that I NEED his touch, his comfort. I know God is right by my side, but, as Jordan said, I need somone with *skin on*. There are times that I want so badly to get his opinion on things.

Dreary, rainy days are the worst and we've had rain every day for the past 2 weeks.

I pray for you and the children daily as you remain~~
In His Grip,
Jenell McNeill
Palestine, TX

Karen Thies


Thanks so much for your post. It is true that although we as Christians know that God never leaves, constantly loving us and watching over us, we still getting lonely and need that “skin touch”. My mom died unexpectedly 6 years ago this month (the date is soon approaching) and I miss her more than ever. I know that she’s in heaven, basking in all its glory, but I still wish I could see (and touch) just one more time. However, we both know that one last time would honestly never be enough. We would always want “just one more time”.

The other night my husband and I stopped at a different grocery store, which turned out to be in a rather rough neighborhood. When we just about finished a little girl (probably 5 or 6 years old) came frantically running around the corner and down the aisle. To make a long story short, she had gotten separated from her mother and 3 young siblings. I got her to tell me her name and determined that she was lost, but when I wanted her to come to the service counter so the P.A. could announce for her mother, she wouldn’t come with (she did the right thing and didn’t go with a stranger. I did get her to stop running so her mommy could find her. I then started called (rather loudly) that I need “Morgan’s mommy” - that Morgan was here and lost. I then started toward the front of the store, while another lady stayed with her. In the meantime, my husband was on his way to the courtesy counter when he ran into a crying mother with 3 small children. What a happy reunion.

I used to embarrass my husband by calling out and doing things like that, but I have a little verse on my desk at work:

“A hundred years from not it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I live in, or the kind of car I drove .... But the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.”

It’s the same principle about sharing Jesus with the world.

Try to have a good day. Know that you are loved and in our prayers. Most important of all, you know that you are ...... In His Grip!!

- Karen Thies, Fruitport, MI -

Rev.Ron Bishop

Dear Debbie,

It is always good to see your communication to us. It helps us pray in a way we may not be able to otherwise. Over the past few months and years I have seen why God chose you to be Roger's helpmate. God wanted a strong principled person for Roger, a loving wife and mother, friend, and a communicator. Some might say that is about what we all need in a helpmate. However, you seemingly were given a double portion of those blessed traits by God. Roger Bennett needed a very special and gifted person for his love and life. We all know Roger was different in talent and a wonderful way of communicating. It took a very special gift from God to Roger in the helpmate he recieved. We pray for you at every rememberance and thank God for your years of dedication to Roger, your family, and to Him.

In Christ,

Rev. Ronb


morning Debbie!

thanks for sharing this story!



Bless you,Debbie.

Thanks for the reminder of why we are here on this earth.

Many hugs!

Ruth Gilbert

Dear Debbie,
I told my husband the Jordan story. He thought it was so cute he suggested we use it sometime in our church. I was wondering if you would mind if we did this.
Ruth Gilbert
Corsicana, TX


I enjoyed reading that it was a very interesting one to read.
I am sorry that I have not been writting like I was but i have been so busy trying to get the website all back up and going. My self! I made the whole thing go down and lost everything but photo's. So I am having to redo everything. So I love you Debbie and stay strong.
In His grip,

Polly Parish

I love the honest and real things you write about. May the good Lord bless you real good today.

dan & Cheryl Turnbull

Hugs, Love, and lots of prayers...
Cheryl Turnbull
Lenexa Kansas


How precious memories truly are. Thanks for reminding me & thanks for sharing this with us.

God Bless,
Finger, TN

Bernie and Terry Shirkie

Dear Debbie
What a heart warming story you have told and with such a lesson behind it as usual.
When I went on to read Ruth Gilbert's story my eyes were filled with tears.
What a lovely, lovely story!
She has no email address so I am hoping that she will see my thank you to her, here Debbie.
That story was such an encouragemnet to me because I love to visit the elderly.

Debbie your keeping up this legacy of Roger's blog site is a blessing to so many people and I pray that the the Lord will continue to strengthen you as you make these good posts.

I feel bad for your sad days and I know all of the rope holders do and will be in continued prayer for you and Jordon and Chelsea and Roger's dad...Love Bernie and Terry

Ann Woodward

Hi Debbie,
I have to remind myself those dreary days help me appreciate the good ones more.
Please know that you are truly cared for and when you share stories like Jordan's I'm sure many of us felt a God hug. That probably sounds funny but sometimes I feel so blessed I know it's His touch.
Take care and keep the wonderful stories coming.
In His Love,

Ruth Gilbert

Dear Debbie,
I'm so glad to hear someone was touched by the story I heard Sunday! As I have said before, I started reading on this site because I thought I could be an encouragement to you and Roger, but it turned out the other way! Roger (bless his heart) ministered to me so many times even in his bad times. And, you, Debbie must be the strongest woman in the world and one of the most dedicated Christians I have ever witnessed. For the past year I have been going through the most devastating problem you could ever imagine...Roger & Debbie (and ones who have written in to them) have kept me going. I know I am totally selfish for reading on here for myself! I hope someday when I get to Heaven that I can meet Roger! My e-mail address is:'s an at sign after the clg, but it doesn't look like it to me!).
Love from Rainy Texas,
Ruth Gilbert
Corsicana, TX

Bernie and Terry Shirkie

Dear Debbie...Can you tell Ruth Gilbert that I posted her comment on Pilgrim Pals and people were relly touched by the story she told in this comment.
We want to thank her Debbie and I want to thank you again for keeping up this blog...Love Bernie and Terry


Debbie, Thank you soooo much for sharing the Jordan story with us! It certainly inspired me to walk thru some dark places I am needing to in my life! I know Jesus will be there by my side and that he will send someone with skin on to help me when necessary!

Patty Spicer

Hi Debbie,
I know the days are hard and that you miss Roger and I could sense that in this post. Yes Roger was a very special talent and thank goodness he used that talent to spread the story about our Savior. I knew from the start that Roger and all other people in the Southern Gospel traveling groups have to have very special help mates in their lives because they are also called in this ministry. That is why I want you to know that you are still as much a part of the Southern Gospel family as you ever were. My husband and I went to the Reynolds Auditorium the last of June and saw all the groups that had had members of the Catherdal Quartet. The second part of the show was remembering that group. All during that night I could just close my eyes and hear Roger, Glenn and George standing on that stage. Such mememories. That is where Roger first appeared with them and they always said that they enjoyed coming to Winston-Salem and June and July was usually the time when the concert was just them and no other groups Debbie take care and just know that when you feel low and need someone with skin on that you can close your eyes and feel the love and hugs from all of us


PLEASE do not feel like you have to "have it all together" in order to post your feelings! I say this as I know that I do the same thing (sigh).

Somedays are just gloomy for us when our loved ones have moved to heaven....not gloomy for them...they are great! And we would NOT take that away from them....but gloomy for us.....I have to just allow myself to have a "sad day" when it hits me, because I really don't have much choice....sometimes it just swallows me whole....and then just like Jonah....I pop out of the "bad day" to survive the next day.

I am often concerned that you are just keeping busy to keep busy....yes...all of the work you are doing is good work...but I know that I kept running and running on purpose because I didn't want to stop and be alone...alone with myself...alone without my daughter. Please take care of your health while you are doing all of these "important things". I don't want you to run yourself down (I ended up with pneumonia and then a herniated disk). I learned that lesson the exteme hard way.

You are always in my daily prayers. Hold on to the HOPE that we have in Christ Jesus. This world is just temporary and we will be united with our loved ones and our Savior eternally.

God Bless,
Remembering that God is STILL God,

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