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August 05, 2007


Sandy Kuschel

Hi, Deb: The e-mail you shared was right on! I am so thankful that the greatest timekeeper of all is on duty in my life and yours. It has been 5 1/2 years since I lost the love of my life and I'm making strides each day. God has a plan for each one of us and I am trying to work out the plan that God has given me one step at a time. Keep on keeping on, Deb! You are on the right track. I pray for you upon every remembrance of you.

Gloria Parks

Hi Debbie,

I just read your post, and WOW !!!!! How powerful.

My sister recently lost her husband, and she is having such a difficult time. She is a "church goer", but not a born again believer. While her husband was active in the church I do not believe that he was saved.

What hope we, as believers, have. We will see our loved ones again and for all eternity. That is a long time.

Sounds like you are making strides and,as always, the Lord is faithful.

Unless someone has been through the death of a loved one, they can't know what you are going through. As Christians, though, we have the Lord with us at all times.

Love you and praying for you in this time of grieving and recovery.

In Him,


Henry  and Peggy B.

We are glad that things are more positive for you. The email that you shared really spoke truth. Know that you are in our prayers and we remain--
In HiS Grip,
Henry and Peggy B.


Hi Debbie,

So glad God is comforting you so, in His time and His way. Thanks for sharing the email. You were right, no matter our circumstance, it was very uplifting and encouraging. Thanks for sharing. May God continue to bless you so. You are in our prayers.

Shanna Locker

I just sent your post on to a friend who has been a rock for me during a terribly hard time. I ended the message with, "different circumstances - same grief." I only understand recently, what grief is and how it feels. There is no predicting it and no stopping it, we just live through it. Knowing God is the only thing that does make it bearable and for that I'm thankful beyond words! My prayers are with you daily dear friend.
Shanna Locker

Bobby & Glyndene

Debbie, thanks for sharing the email from your friend. Though I have not lost a spouse through death, I can relate the words to different phases of my life in other circumstances. The finale is, Trust in the Lord and He will always be there to supply our needs and teach us new lessons in life. "Without Him I could do nothing". I'm thankful that I remain In His grip,

Elaine Harcourt

Wow, what an insightful friend! As a widow myself & having had both parents go to be with the Lord in the last 20 years or so I can relate to everything she said. Those feelings were mine at one time or another.

God bless you, dear. Just take it one day at a time & before you know it a year will have past & you'll find yourself stronger.

shari hoeflich

Hi debbie I know It is tough i lost my grandma 3weeks ago she was the world to me. I just keep thinking of all the ways she touched my life and what a true blessing she was


Debbie, so thankful that things are getting a little easier for you now. God is good!
Love and prayers from VA,
Harold and Lula

dan & Cheryl Turnbull

The Lord gives us special people with special messages right when we need it. Thank you for sharing with all of us the e mail, as we are all touched and blessed with this message. We continue to pray daily for you, am glad for the up days, Praise God!
Take Care
Cheryl in Lenexa KS


It is great that things are getting a little better for you. Nothing takes the place of time.
God Bless,
Finger, TN


It was wonderful to read your post and so wonderful too for you to share your friend's email with us. It was so encouraging and so filled with meat as you say. I just read/received an email from a very good friend of mine a few moments ago who lost her husband almost a year ago. They pastored our small church in Wisconsin for several years. They are about the same age as my husband and I (50) and they moved away late summer of 2005, he died just walking outside in their yard in 2006! He just dropped with no warning at all! She is having a hard time and is going to live with her sister for a while. We have been encouraging her to come with us to Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO for the Southern Gospel Fest and she said YES! today and gave us the date she can drive over from Oaklahoma and spend some time with us there. I was so glad. God's timing is always perfect and your email is proof! I read and printed her email and than clicked on your site! I am going to call her or email her ASAP and ask her to do me a big favor and read your posting of your friend's email. I believe God lays exactly on your heart what you need to say. I can not even begin to imagine what you and she are going through. I have not known what to say at all. Now I do not have to, it has been said perfectly on your site. She has had many changes in the past year. Her three boys are gone too as one is in the Navy and lives in Washington state, just geeting married after Christmas 2006, one just left a couple of days ago for the Air Force, he will be stationed in Boston, and the 3rd is married and lives in California. Mean while she has a ton of friends, etc. back here in Wisconsin and she is in Oaklahoma where they moved to from Wisconsin processing a move, a death, her son's marraige and her son entering the Navy. Her Navy son had been living with her so all is very quiet now! She really needs your encouraging email. As always, I am praying for you and your family.
Becky in Wisconsin


Thanks for postin I have missed hearing from you. May you be ever so blessed as you continue to go about life. You are loved so much by the folks here in Pollard, Arkansas.
Love always,

Dianna Stelter

Debbie, you are a sister and a friend to so many of us. You don't EVER need to apologize for what is going on in your life or for not posting daily. When I go online and have NOT heard from you, I just pray.

Thanks for sharing your friend's words of wisdom. What a friend. She's a keeper!!

Blessings on your journey,
Dianna Stelter

Ashley & Jacque

Hello Debbie,

What a wonderful journal entry that was. I do believe God has a plan for everyone, and that is so true that we will all be with Roger and all of our angels in Heaven much longer than we will be without them.

Someone from our church joined Roger in Heaven this week. She had leukemia and went trhough a tranplant at the University of Chicago. My heart goes out to her family, and it is just a constant reminder that life is so precious, to embrace every moment that you can. I know God has a plan for all of us, personally I pray every day that I can follow in His footsteps, follow the plan that He has laid out for me, so we all will "Live in the House of the Lord forver..." I pray that I will be able to use all of God's blessings He has given us to pay it forward to anybody and everybody I can, that I may always remain "In His Grip..."

Love with Attitudes of Gratitude, Ashley & Family

Debbie Adams

My sister in Christ and friend even though we have not met I feel like we have. It means so much for you to post your feelings so we can pray for you.
The eamil you got from your friend was absolutely wonderful. God bless her for sharing that with you.
You know Debbie, unless someone has lost a loved one whether it was a husband, wife, child, or who ever their loved one was, that have no clue how you feel. People will say I know how you feel when unless they have been through it they dont know. I know their heart is trying to be comforting but they dont know how we feel.
And if the person is not born again they do not have the hope of seeing their loved one again. We know that you sill see Roger again, I will see my son and daughter again and other loved ones. I could not live with out the love of Christ. And he has brought me though so much illness. Rogers mission here on earth was done. So God wanted him home with Him. We all loved Roger so much. And we love you too. You are family to all of us. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of yours and Rogers life.

God bless you Debbie
You are in my prayers
I love you
Debbie Adams from Ohio

Judy Hicks

Hi Debbie,
Was great to see your post. The email you shared was awesome. I know you received it when it was needed the most..God works that way doesn't He...
Went into L5 photo site and enjoyed all the pictures. It was so sweet that everyone visited Chelsea..I know she enjoyed seeing everyone. A little touch of home.
Continued prayers,
Judy Hicks

Jean McCormick

Oh, Debbie how wonderful of you to share your friend's e-mail with us. She's such a wondering writer. You can just picture Jesus standing there sharing those words with us.
Please know you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. We miss you when you are away so long but we know you need your time. I know God is comforting you and allowing you to bath in the sunlight of his love. We all need that. What wonderful times we find there. Times of healing, comfort,love and most of all a time of renewing our committments to him. May you know that you are loved by all who read your post and keep up with you. Thank you again for being so open. We love you, Jean

Greg Hazelrigg

I am listening to Roger sing " I've Read the Back of the Book" as I type this and I thank God that we have his music to strengthen us when we are down. I lost a good friend this past weekend and I am thankful that we have the assurance that we will be together again someday. I pray that we will be able to show others that we indeed "Win" because of the awesome love of our Lord and Saviour.

The fans in Arkansas

Jim W.

Hi Debbie,
Although many of us check daily to see if you have posted, please don't apologize when you can't post everyday. You don't need that pressure. Thank you so much for sharing the post. Having lost my wife in 4/06, my dad in 7/06 and my mom in 11/06 I can relate to everything she said. I can also relate to the wonderful love of God and how he gives us grace to make it through each day. God bless you in a mighty way as you continue your journey. Praying for you.

Ann Woodward

Hi Debbie,
So glad to hear from you and know you are able to be with friends during this time and gain strength from them.
The email message was so good. I can't imagine living without hope. God's promises are true and He is so faithful to put just the right people in our lives when we need them.
Take care and know you are thought of often.
In His Love,

Ruth Filer

Dear Debbie, Unlike the previous writer, I only check every several weeks as I am sure you do not have updates on your life daily.
Since I last read here, I lost my 86 year old father. My mom (87) is doing very well and she had commented that their time together (66 years) was so much longer than the time they will be apart until they can be together forever. She is well and not expecting to leave this earth any time soon but she will be satisfied when God calls to go and be with Dad again.
The more of our loved ones who go to that fair land make us so determined to join them one day.
Blessings on you.
Ruth Filer

Bev & Dar Stekknacger

Dear Debbie,

It sure is always good to read your journal entries. We are glad that you were able to get away and be amoung people who love you. With each day we hope that you will be strengthened and have gained truth. God alone can help you reach that ultimate goal. Roger indeed will be missed this year at the NQC but thinking back to last year we can only smile and laugh with having Roger there and all of his humor when he emcee'd with Janet Paschel. What a night that was. If you are there we indeed would love to be able to talk to you.
Take care.
In His Grip
Dar & Bev Stellmacher

Mark A. Drennen Sr.

Debbie, here is a link to a memorial for Roger that I created, this way his family, friends and fans can come and pay respects and notes for Roger, it is sponsored by me, so there are no ads on his page, ENJOY!!

Becky Arvin

Hi Debbie Great to hear from you anytime. Thank you so much for sharing your email it was so wonderful and touched my heart alot. Great friends are such a blessing. I am so glad you have had some good days and there are many more to come. I know God has such a plan for you. Just keep doing what your doing and know you are in my prayers. Love your KY friend. Becky

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