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August 24, 2007


Bobby & Glyndene

Welcome back! So glad you had the opportunity to go and visit Chelsea and also see some of the lovely scenery. I'm sure she was delighted to have Mom there with her for a few days.
Thanks for taking the time to keep us posted and sharing some of the events in your life with us. We love you and pray for you as you go thru the adjustment period of your life as well as tending to the business items that need attention.
God Bless you!
We attended the Booth Brothers concert tonight at Batesville and enjoyed it very much. They had some beautiful words about Roger's testimony for Jesus.
We love you.

Ann Woodward

Yes welcome back Debbie. I'm sure you are going to really miss that cool weather in AK. My sister lives in Lynnville, TN and she said it has been miserable.
Thank you Debbie for sharing so much with us. You know I played the Live in Music City DVD last night and am so thankful I was privileged to be at the recording. It's hard to watch in a way but I am so glad to be able to still enjoy Roger's wonderful gift of gab and music through the dvd.
He was so very special.
So are you Debbie,

Henry  and Peggy B.

We are so glad that you enjoyed your visit with Chelsea, but what Mother would not enjoy seeing her child. We are also glad that you got the products in. Take care and remember you are always in our prayers. We remain-
In His Grip,
Henry and Peggy B.

Shanna Locker

Glad to know your trip home was safe. This morning while praying I was asking God to give you extra peace today as I know Saturday's are hard for you. I trust that you have felt His presence with you today. Looking forward to the arrival of my copy of the new DVD.
Blessings to you friend,
Shanna Locker Idaho


That is great news Debbie! So glad to hear that.

martha morgan

Hi Debbie and family:
Just wanted to let you know that you have the new products now. What a task that must have been for
you. I pray for you each day and especially on Saturday.. Saturday is always a difficult time for me as I lost my husband on Saturday afternoon 22 years ago the 24th of
August. I still have memories that will remain until I meet the Lord face to face. Hold on as time is of some help. Take care of your health as you are loved and needed. Martha Morgan Bhan AL

Ann Mills

Debbie, I always enjoy reading your postings and I always enjoyed reading the ones from Roger. I went to the rogerbennettdirect website to order the Whispers In The Night CD and DVD but couldn't find them. There is an ad in the September Singing News with instructions to go to this website to order these items but I don't find them.



Glad you are back safe and sound. I am sure a part of you really wanted to stay longer! I asked my son if he had been to Skagway and he said yes he had walked into "down town" but he laughed and told me "down town" is probly not what most people would expect! He even has one photo from Skagway. I am sure it was a huge relief to get all the product up and running on the web. Now you have just a little break before NQC. I was day dreaming about NQC yesterday afternoon as I spent a considerable time on the website yesterday. Have a great time at the convention. We are heading out to Silver Dollar City in a few short days so this week will FLY. It seems everything always goes wrong the few days before vacation in the house and with the van! I think it is the same reason the devil works overtime on Sunday mornings. My husband asked me why things like this alway happen when we try to get away and I said to him satan. Satan surely does not want us to go to ten glorious days of Southern Gospel and leave refreshed and relaxed if we could leave upset and at odds with each other! It started on Sunday morning or actually Saturday nighte. Yesterday we were five minutes late for church due to road construction and one adult child getting very sick "IN" the car Saturday night FOUR times. Than 10 miles into the 30 miles down the road there was road construction. I hate getting to church late because it is so distracting and I find I have a hard time concentrating when we are late. Wouldn't you know God chose a skit on getting ready and being late for church to be presented yesterday! There were lots of people who laughed very hard at the skit. (Those were the ones who were on time)! The rest of us (The ones who had it actually happen yesterday to them only smiled). That is what I told my husband anyway! Again have a great time at NQC and I will read your posts when we get back on the 9th or 10th of September.
Becky In Wisconsin

Vickie Barnett

Hey Debbie,
Welcome back. My husband and son just returned from Barrow, Alaska two weeks ago from a missions trip. They passed out Bible packets to every house in Barrow & did nightly concerts at the High School auditorium. They had 17 precious souls saved. AMEN \o/
The pics they brought back are sooo beautiful. The people in the village was so kind to the missions team and they were so blessed by their kindness & hospitality.

I am ordering the DVD of Roger's last pianorama, can't wait to get it. I have his piano course VHS and it has been such a blessing. Roger's Midnight piano cd has been a real comfort to me. When it first came I had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It was and is a real blessing to me.
I later got to see Roger in concert at Johnathon Bryd's Cafeteria in Greenwood, In I cried the whole concert as I was both touched and overwhelmed by his STRENGTH IN THE LORD.
God Bless you dear lady and may the Lord continue to comfort you when others can't.

Also In His Grip
Vickie Barnett
Proverbs 3:5&6


Thank you for keeping us posted on what's happening in your life.
This last week I just got the DVD and CD of Roger's Pianorama with Dino. (Sorry, I had to order them from Dino's site). Debbie, you did a FABULOUS job of the finishing work. The DVD made me cry - especially when Roger sang. It is very moving.Dino has been my favourite pianist the last 30 years and Roger is my newer favourite pianist. So to have both of them on one DVD and CD -- WOW!!!! Absolutely amazing.
Keep up the great work. And thank you for sharing your gifts.

In Him,

Fruitvale, BC, Canada

Fran Graber

Hi Debbie, I always read your postings. Right now I am listening to Roger's CD "Don't Be Afraid" again, and last night I listened to Midnight Meditations. They are a comfort to me - we have always loved Roger, but now they are helpful in a new way because I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. I have felt God's love through friends and family and His Word. I just ordered from Roger's store of his most recent CD's. I know they will be helpful too. My prayers are with you. Fran

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