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October 29, 2010



Hi Debbie,
How my heart hurts so much for you as you deal with all this stuff. We don't know all that is going on with you but we know the only one who can fix it & you are depending on Him & that is all that matters.

We will pray for God to direct your path & you will Know without a doubt it is God talking.

I know Roger would be so proud of you & all you have done.

Take care & have a wonderful time with your Mom & your time alone with God.


Becky Digman

Debbie my heart just aches for you. I cannot imagine all that you are going thru, but at times when I'm at my lowest, I listen to the McKamey's song, God will make this trial a blessing. The words speak directly to my heart and lets me feel His arms around me, and His gentle spirit moving me to the place I need to be with him.

You are so loved and appreciated by all of us. Take the time you need to be with God. He will comfort you always.

Even though we've never met, you are my friend and I love you, and am praying for you.

Janet (from KY)

Please know that you are covered in prayer...each step of your journey. You will make it through this--where there is life, there is hope. Praying mightily for you.

Cheryl Turnbull

Debbie, I was glad to see the post. But, upon reading realize how your heart is aching. I too will be earnestly asking the Lord to speak to you. That he will give you the answers that will be HIS will for your life and those who you love so much. I am sorry you are going through this trial, but I always remember in my own life that we must walk through them to draw closer to HIM. Enjoy your time in Arkansas, as well as the get away retreat you are needing. I am praying friend...Cheryl/Lenexa KS


It this helps- All my life I have been asking God for direction, but I have not heard from him. The discourgement about life in general hurts as well as having a strained relationship with my family members because of hurt. I am encourged with your message about about expecting a miracle and have to realize that God it right on time every time. Best of luch with your retreat. Have you thought about a retreat at a monestary? No phones, etc.,

Diane Clarke

Hi Deb:
So glad to see your post, not so glad about the turmoil you are going through. I shall be praying for you that god gives you wisdom in your life path. Believe in him and he shall not fail you. Along with that comes faith in yourself.

We as christians need to bear each other's load so never feel you are burdening us with your posts. If we did not want to read and help you along life's journey we would not come to this website!

I wish you well with your retreat and know that many many people will be praying for you that you find some peace.

Diane Clarke
St. Catharines Ontario

Cathy from Canada

Dear Debbie, It was good to hear from you today - I often think of you and pray for you. Today as I reconnected with an old friend, she commented "Who would have thought 30 years ago as we side by side raised our families, that we'd ever be where we are at in our lives today. Would we have wanted to know that you would be dealing with Lymphoma in your own life and that I would be dealing with a fractured marriage in the lives of my Christian kids?" We both agreed that we had no idea of what was ahead but that thankfully it was all in God's plan for our lives. I'm sure that you look back, Debbie and think "How did it ever come to this?" My prayer for you is that as you visit with family and then go to a place of retreat that God will fill you with his peace and reassure you that you are in His hands. You have been a real instrument of encouragement to so many who read your meditations - and God is going to undertake for you and direct you. Keep holding on - He has you in His Grip. Much love, Cathy

Elfie W. Hobgood


We care so much about you. Will be praying for you. God Loves You. I pray you can get your JOY back.


Thanks for posting I check often for your posts. Remember as you go through your struggles, everything, EVERYTHING we have already done and or will do, in our frail human state has already been forgiven! We just have to ask this forgiveness. I think it hurts Him too; to see us hurt and struggle so. Perhaps He is just looking down on you and waiting for you to step up and out of your hurt. Yes, you are a people pleaser. Isn't that often the heart of a mom/wife. Especially us sensitive ones who wear our hearts on our sleeves! My son constantly tells me I do not have to fix everything. We are not God. Do what you need to do and do not even think about possible judgement from others. God is the only judge who matters and thank God; literally, thank God He is a wonderful, kind, loving and all forgiving, ALL forgiving judge. I usually ask for God's very best to you but for the time being I will pray for what I think you need most right now after reading your post and that would be peace, God's peace as you do what you need to do.
Becky In Wisconsin

Doris Spencer

Debbie,"Be still and know thar I am God"."I know you'll find what you need.God already has the answer.

A faithful reader,Doris


May you find peace, joy, and happiness in the coming days. God knows what you are going through, and God cares! So do those of us who follow your postings. You are loved!!

Robbie Nelson

Dearest Debbie, Like the others, my heart is sad that you are going through such a difficult time. One would like to have hoped that having experienced such a difficult time through Roger's illness and homegoing, that today, your life might be a bit easier. But it's obvious from your postings that it is not and I am so sorry. We can sense how you are struggling and I can only say that nothing - NOTHING you are going through changes WHO God is. He's the same faithful One He has always been and will be. He know the mistakes you may have made and loves you as He always has. As you look to Him, He can and will turn your scars into stars and will enable you to testify to how He has used all of this to make you more like Him. We love you and are praying for you. Thanks for continuing to share with us. We learn together. In His love, Robbie Nelson


Hi Deb

It was such a joy to read all the posts tonight. You are so loved by us. But my heart hurts for you. Everyone of us have had pain in our lifes & still do. Some will lash out at us and think we should be perfect & not make mistakes, just because we are Christians! I loved what Cathy from Canada said, "Who would have thought 30 years ago that we'd ever be where we are at in our lives today", I could have written that! My life has been quite the journey, & without God, I could not have done it alone. I will continue to pray for you, I can almost feel your pain. Regardless what path you end up taking, You will always be that special gal that Roger always talked about.
I love this anonymous quote, & have it hanging in my office:

I Believe in The Sun ~
Even When It's Not Shining.
I Believe in Love ~
Even When I Don't Feel It.
I Believe in God ~
Even When He Is Silent.

You Are so Loved Deb!

Becky Arvin

Hey Debbie so good to hear from you. we all love you so much. There are so many kind and loving words already been said and I just want to say you are family to us and we love you and support you everyway we can. I will be praying for you and in one of the past notes a lady recommended a Book called Plan B I read it and loved it would be a great study for a sunday school class also. we all need a Plan B if you get a chance read it. Deb we can't please everyone I so relate to you and so right now just ask Christ what you need to be pleasing to him. May your retreat bring you much peace and love and cherish the time with your folks. Remember there is a group of people out here loving and praying for Gods will in your life. we love you. your KY friend Becky

glyndene deaton

Enjoy the precious time with your Mom and Dad.
Find comfort in the love and prayers that are sent from your Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
Love ya lots,
Bobby and Glyndene

Ann Woodward

Enjoy your time alone with God. Sometimes we have to just run into His arms. Thankfully they are always outstretched.

Jeannie West

Debbie, I think of you often and check for your posts frequently. It is a good idea to go and be alone with God and seek His direction. You will never please everyone, but as you say, pleasing Him is the most important. Mistakes on this earthly journey happen to all of us, problems happen, and pain happens. He will never leave us alone, nor forsake us. The biggest mistake is trying to resolve all of these issues without HIM. Obviously, this is Not something you have done. He is still a part of your life and your decisions. We will be in prayer for you as you make tough decisions about your life. Jeannie

Aleda Swartzendruber

As I read this devotional this morning, I thought about your post and prayed for you. Please take just a few minutes to read this "Treasures of Darkness" devotional. I'm sure you'll find it very helpful in your present situation.

Becky Arvin

debbie or anyone that could tell me i am going to be in Nashville area this weekend and was wanting to visit Roger's gravesite can you tell me where it is. thanks Becky

Becky Arvin

sorry i am actually leaving tomorrow morning so if anyone reads this today let me know. thanks

Bernace, Toronto Canada

The old hymn, "I Belong to the King, I'm a child of His love, and He never forsaketh His own" has been ringing in my heart recently. It is impossible to describe how wonderful it is to belong to someone (not owned by, but cherished by Someone). You belong to King Jesus and He will take care of you, his precious child, no matter what situations arise. He will make you lie down beside still waters. Picture it - you in the arms of Jesus resting in green pastures, beside still waters. These words from the Word and hymn have helped me in recent days and I earnestly pray they will help you also as you rest in Him.

Becky Arvin

I got the info on the grave site thanks. your strongly in my prayers.

Doreen Johnson

Hi Debbie:
Ijust finished reading your post.I'm so sorry you are going through so much righ now. Debbie know you are in my prayers,I don't know you personally but feel we have kinder spirits.Ipray God meets you on this retreat.Ascripture that comes tomy heart for you is Isaiah 43:1-3.Take care Debbie God hold you in the palm of his hand always.
Love and prayer in Christ
Doreen Ottawa/Canada

Linda Trout, Plano TX

"It matters not if the world has heard or approves or understands.

The only applause we're meant to seek...

Is that of nail-scarred hands."

This little poem has helped comfort me many times, because it is SO true. We have to hold our head high and live our life the way we believe He is calling us to live. Anybody who is not supportive...well, we'll pray for them, because we know your heart is God's and you are trying to do His will in your life. We love you and appreciate you. For every critical person out there, you'll find 10 others who will be helped and healed because of your honesty and sincerity.

May God richly bless your alone time with Him, and don't be suprised if His direction is shocking to you! Just listen and obey. We will be here to support you in whatever you do as you try to be pleasing to Him.

Wanda Moran

Hello Debbie -
I just wanted to drop in this morning to tell you that you are in my thoughts and I will be praying for you during the next few days as you seek God's plan for your life as you go through your struggles. I know what it's like to lose a husband as mine has been in Heaven now 14+ years. Like you, I have wonderful children who have lives of their own now and it gets pretty lonely at times. Whatever you are going through now, I am praying that God will give you peace as you spend time with Him. You have many friends who love you even though we have never met you. In the years since my husband has been gone, there is one song that comforts me and that is "It Is Well With My Soul" and of course the Bible verse Phil 4:13.
May you continue to feel God's presence during this difficult time. And, thank you so much for continuing with this site. We love you Debbie.
Wanda & friends

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