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May 26, 2011



You are in my prayers even when there is no post. I'm glad to hear from you though.

Geneva Speas

Dear Debbie, You are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Roger is smiling at me from his pictre on the piano as I type this. Please take care of your self.I know you are so busy. Gets rest. I am so glad you are going to continue the weblog. Brandea is tomorrow. Would love to see you and have a visit. God Bless. Geneva

Geneva Speas

Hi, I hit the wrong key. (sign of old age) Brandea will be 13 tomorrow. Love you.

Cheryl Turnbull

Hi Debbie,
Seems life is busy for all of us these days. I am glad to see your post, as I check daily. Have been praying for you regardless whether you post or not. Take care, stay safe, and continue holding the Lords hand.
Posting from tornado alley...
Lenexa KS

Ann Woodward

Hi Debbie,
So glad to see the post, I figured you were busy. Sometimes everyday life seems like a tornado but in His Grip there's nothing we face alone.
Stay safe and take care.
Ann in (sunny today) Washington

Carolyn Stamey

I have never posted here but have read your journal from about the time Roger died. I lost my Dad during that time with
Dimentia and your journal helped. Loved the Cathedrals and Legacy Five. Have been checking daily to see how you are. Praying for you and your trials and please keep posting. It is an encouragement during these trying times. Praying for all those states affected by the terrible storms. We live in mountains of WNC near Asheville and storms are getting worse here as well but so far - no tornadoes. Thanks for your posts.

Judy Hicks

Hello Debbie,
Sooooo good to hear from you. I have missed your posting but understand with all you are juggling. I too am glad that you plan to keep these visits going. You and yours are in my prayers.
Love and Blessings,

Becky Arvin

Hey Debbie GREAT to hear from you we miss you dearly and continue to pray for your needs. You are such an inspiration to us all. The company I work for thier home office is in Carthage MO which is 10 miles from Joplin so many of my work connections that i talk to everyday lost thier homes and a couple lost thier life it is just heartbraking. Please keep all of the familes in prayer. Glad your folks are hanging in there give them our love. Know that we support you and so glad you are going to continue to write. To all of those who read these please keep all of the families in prayer in Joplin I appreciate it. Have a wonderful Memorial weekend and may GOD BLESS and keep each and everyone.
Your KY Friend Becky

Charles & Linda Smith

We continue to pray for you as you know "and my name ain't Betty" which was Roger's famous words as you remember. God's good all the time and knows best even though we continue to miss Roger and his great piano playing and ever more sense of humor. Praying for your personal life and praising the way you continue to take care of your parents even though you are torn between so many places and things at the present time. So glad you are able to keep us some what up to date thur this blog and hope you can continue. Much love, Charles & Linda, Marion, Il. connection.

Charles & Linda Smith

Can you give us an update on your two children and their happenings. I know it's tough being away from them both...Life goes on with them as well. With our three boys and their families being in three different states they told us they were just changing us from 'driving miles to flying miles'. Added expenses are when your retired is not always good however. ha
You are experencing those things at this time as well and we are remembering that in prayer as well. And in closing...five an update on your new family and that little boy.
Continueing In HIS STEP. Charles & Linda

Charles & Linda Smith

Typing with Neuropothy is not always good for a 73 year old man...make that last part 'finally' instead of 'five'. Give us an update...haha and God bless.


I've been meaning to comment here since Roger went to heaven but never did. Today I MUST. Yesterday I stumbled upon Legacy Five's song, "But God," on YouTube and have played it 4-5 times already. (How I could have gone so many years without ever hearing it is beyond me!) What a blessing it was, especially the line, "But God considers my heartache His own." Roger holds a special place in my heart, going way back to a Cathedrals' concert years ago. I followed his journal from the beginning and, at his ultimate healing, even wrote an entry in my own journal about how much Roger had taught me through his trial. I just wanted to thank you for sharing Roger with the rest of us, for supporting him during his illness, and for carrying on in faith after he left. His ministry continues! Bless you, Debbie, and thank you.

Wanda Moran

Sooooo good to hear from you, Debbie. I will continue to pray for you and know that you will do whatever the Lord lead you to do. It is so nice to know that you are continuing this weblog. I look forward to reading your posts more than you could ever know. You are such an inspiration to so many. May God bless you as you continue your many endeavors. Love, Wanda in Weatherford

Crystal Grant

I just recently started reading these journals and got through them all in a matter of days! Your posts are very uplifting, even those telling of your hard times. In all of them, you can see God's hand moving and using your life to touch so many others. It was very good to see your new post. Hope things settle down for you soon. In my prayers,
Crystal in Potosi

Sarah Littleton

Dear Debbie,

So good to hear from you. I have been praying for you. My parents cared for my grandparents when they were no longer able to care for themselves. It was such a blessing as a teenager to have them in our home - treasured memories. May God give you strength and His presence and peace. You are a blessing!
God bless you,
Sarah (UK)


Thanks for taking the time to post, I know how busy you must be. I've always kept you and your family in my prayers.I hope you have a great summer, and get to spend some time with your kids. Be careful traveling, & take time for "you".


Glad to see your post. Praying for you and all of our friends in MO and family in AR. Life is sometimes so tough. I than feel guilty when I see the people of Joplin and others. At least we are alive even if we do not have health, money, jobs, etc. Just seems so much sadness is happening. As I lay in bed today trying to get up I kept reminding myself, "I've Read The Back Of The Book & We Win." Day after day seems to bring more heartache! I wonder when it will stop....I hope soon. Just a break or some light at the end of the tunnel would be nice. It is so hard to keep on keeping on when each day seems to bring more and more problems instead of solutions. Mu husband lost his self employment after working so very hard for 13 years at this job. I am completely disabled with multiple sclerosis and there is no unemployment with self employment. I don't know how much more of this we can take! I keep telling him and I that God must surely have something good in store for us and he must be getting ready to give us something good?! I pray so.
Becky In Wisconsin


Hello Debbie!

Life's a Climb with its up's and down's, but you are most definitely correct that our job is just to hold on, remain "In His Grip", and follow the path He has paved for us =) I love hearing your postings and I will continue to pray for you and your family! We too are trying to tie up loose ends, and I honestly have no idea what God has instore, but I continue to take it one day at a time, and thank God every day for the oppurtunity to wake up and enjoy the Sunshine. Some days are a little cloudier than others, but that just makes us appreciate the Sunny ones that much more!

We miss seeing you and wish you all the best!!!

Love with Attitudes of Gratitude,


Hi Debbie,

So glad to hear that you will continue to post. Going to Celebration this year my granddaughter and I spent the night in Chesterfield MO. As we were leaving on Friday morning heading to Nashville we ran into a lady from Joplin MO. It was really interesting talking to her.

Have a safe summer and keep on posting. Love to hear from you. How are your kids doing in their new homes?

God Bless you all.

Gloria in Omaha

Vicki Bunch

Hi Debbie,
I, like a couple of others here, have read Midnight Meditations for a long time, but have never posted. Just have to tell you what a blessing you are and thank you for letting God use you to be a blessing to so many through the valleys that you have walked through! May we all be encouragment to others as we are all on our journey home.

My family has been going to MD Anderson with my Dad, who has two types of blood cancer and melanoma. We were there this past Monday and Tuesday, and I thought of you as we walked through. Wish I could have got to meet you while you were there, but didn't get that opportunity. Thankful that you are able to care for your parents at this time. Like you, we cherish the time and are blessed to be able to care for them. How very precious they are to us.

I pray that all goes well for you in whatever the Lord has for you to do, because you will do it well, no doubt!

Thanks again for sharing Roger and the road you have traveled, with us. What a blessing you are! Love to check in and hear from you. . . so please keep posting!
Love You! And thankful that we are all in His grip!
Vicki from Texas

Jeremy Gipson

I just wanted to let you know how Roger's legacy is still living on. I have a 2 year old son, and while most boys his age probably watch cartoons, he loves to watch things dealing with music...expecially my copy of the 2006 Parade of Pianos. He sits at my piano and watches the players and tries to mimic their hand movements. He sings along with Roger on "It is Well With my Soul". I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me to see someone who helped influence my love for the piano now do the same thing for my son.

connie Nicholl

I always check your post to see if there is anything new. I still enjoy hearing from you. Your thoughts reflect what's in my heart. I still pray for you. Connie

Linda Trout

Hi Debbie! I'm praying for you and your family and just wanted to let you know I miss your posts!!!


I've just read this last post and it was so good to read your thoughts! Hope you are having a great 4th of July with your family. Blessings to you, Deb!

Becky Arvin

dear debbie

just checking in i dont have face bood or twitter access so i have to check this to see how you are. hope all is well thinking and praying for you. Becky

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