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July 18, 2011


Linda Cooper

Thanks for the post, Debbie.
I check the site almost every day, especially when it has been awhile. It keeps me praying that everything is well with you and yours, though -- so that is a good thing!

Good to hear an update on all of your family and to know that even with "Plan B" that you are well and as always, In His Grip.


Its so wonderful to hear from you. We all love you so much, and will be keeping you in our prayers. God is good ALL the time!


Cheryl Turnbull

I was excited to see your post this morning. I am so glad to read your updates and know how to continue praying for you. Life does have its valley's as well as the mountains. I too am thankful for our Heavenly Father and his arms wrapped around each one of us. Keep on keeping on and the Lord will continue to hold you by the hand...Isaiah 41:13
Happy Summer,
Cheryl/Lenexa KS


Was just reading Tim Keller's book King's Cross last night and he referred to Jairus and how impatient he must have felt at the delay. God's timing confounds us but He loves us and Keller says that it's as though Jesus looks at us and says, "I will not be hurried because I love you. I know what I'm doing. And if you try to impose your understanding of schedule and timing on me, you will struggle to feel loved by me."
Just remembered this as I read your post and thought I would share it with you.

Becky Arvin

Hey Debbie So great to hear from you and hearing how the family is doing. You are amazing and I promise you as tired as you get the day will come and you will look back and say I would do it all over again to have that precious time with your family. Great to hear about the kids and will be keeping all of you in prayer. You are such a good writer and such a blessing to all of us. We love you Your KY pal Becky


Thanks for the update. I check often to see how you are doing.

God Bless


Thanks for the update. Your posts are of much help to many. Hopefully things will slow down for you. Debbie, you are blessed to have both of your parents. I will pray for your mom's surgery to go well. May God bless each member of your family.

Joyce Mikulcik saskatoon

Hi Debbie. I look for your posts everyday. I feel you have some burden that the Lord will deliver you from. I pray for you. You must take care of yourself or you will burn out my dear. Love you and God bless you Love Joyce Mikulcik Saskatoon, CANADA

Judy Hicks

Hello Debbie,
Have missed you! Glad to hear that you have a landing place in AK. Hope all goes well with your mom's surgery. We have been blessed to have parents or a parent to reach an old age. My mom will be 96 soon and I do feel so blessed to have had her for so long.To think of all the memories we have piled up over the years are awesome!
It is hard to believe Chelsea is 27...sure doesn't take long and the fact that Isaiah is two is amazing too. As you well know it doesn't take long until they have their own lives. Sounds like things are working well for Jordan and Jessica. I have an Idaho son and we are in GA so our visits are spread out but what fun we have when we are together. I am also thankful that we have this wonderful technology as it makes visiting easier. Also the phone systems have given us advantages that were nil in years pass. When this son was in Bosnia and Iraq he was able to be in touch more frequently than I had imagined. You don't feel totally left out of their lives. Plus when you talk to them you can tell how things really are.
As I told you before, you are a good daughter! Even as hectic as it can become you will never regret it. The Lord always gives one the strength needed to keep going.
Will keep you and yours in my prayers.
Love, prayers and blessings,
Judy Hicks


Thanks for posting Deb! I too look forward to your updates. I know our lifes are so busy..but I worry about you. You need to find a good book and make time for yourself, you deserve it. I try to read a little each night, it just takes me away from some of my daily issues. I'm reading a couple books right now, "Unbreakable Bonds" by Dr. Paul Meier & daughter Cheryl. Also "No Greater Love" by Mother Teresa. There's nothing better than having some down time with a good book. :)
I pray for you often. Please take care of yourself. ~ Barb


I have dealt with some serious situations the past few years, and your posts have been a great inspiration. Although I do not know you and have never met you, I look forward to your posts and read every one - thanks for allowing God to use you to encourage all of us.


Hi Debbie.....we do not know each other but I was one of Roger's fans and so have enjoyed keeping track of your life. Thanks for being so blessedly candid about your life. Obviously some people beat you up for it but it is the right thing to honest and vulnerable. That helps more people than it hurts. I was just wondering if perhaps what we call Plan B in our lives is really God's Plan A? Do you think? Just go with what God has in front of you and continue to pray for a less stressful life. God is good......even in the times that we might question His plan. You are a blessing.
Granny H in Canada

Ann Woodward

Hi Debbie,
So glad you got some time to post, as it's always good to know you are well, though tired I'm sure.
I can sympathize with you in dealing with the car insurance company. I had an accident a few years ago and had to go back and forth to get them to give a fair amount for my totaled car. Thankfully Chelsea is alright.

I must go now and pick up grandchildren at Bible School. They are wonderful but I definitely know the meaning of tired.
Take care,you're in my prayers.
Ann Woodward

Wanda Moran

So good to check your website and to see that you have posted on it. Sure do miss reading frequet posts but understand completely how very busy you are. It is always such a blessing to hear from you. I pray for you often. Oh, by the way, it is HOT in Texas - I think this is the 18th or 19th day straight with 100+ degree weather. Hope it's not that hot in Tennessee and Arkansas.

Geneva Speas

Dear Debbie,So good to hear from you. As I read your post,I was reminded of the song that Tony Green Trio sang,'When God has Another Plan." I know that He is leading you in paths that you never thought you would travel. But God is good. We can walk in the plans and know that He is in Charge. A friend sent this statement to me. "Faith is not believing that God can - it is knowing that He Will" I will be praying especially for Chelsea. I have been praying especially for my Granddaughter Chelsea. The connection between she and I somehow isn't like it used to be. But it is in God's hands, Brandea is still Roger's "girl". He was a great influence on her life. I think of you ofter and then I pray, You all are in my prayers. Would love to see you. Take care and God Bless. Geneva.

Elfie Warner Hobgood


So good to hear from you. We think of you often and continue to pray for you and your family. Love,

Robbie Nelson

Sweet Debbie - whether it be Plan "B", "C" or whatever, if God is there in the midst - it's okay. Thankful He is walking the journey with you. Just take it one day at a time knowing that through it all, each day you're learning just a little bit more about Him and His faithfulness.

glyndene deaton

Hey girl,
A quick note to say we love you and our prayers are with you as you travel so much trying to keep all things going.
Love ya lots,

Von Tetmeyer

Debbie...SO good to read your post! You've got to be exhausted from wearing so many hats these days. I must say that I told my family last weekend when we visited Hurricane Harbor in Arlington, TX (it used to be called Wet'n Wild) about when you were pregnant w/ Jordan, and you & Roger took Chelsea to that water park and she was so excited about going that she said, "I'm gonna get wet 'n wild, wet 'n wild!!!" I thought that was so adorable!(You guys invited me to go, but I couldn't make it...some day I'll get over that!) I will continue to pray for you all, and sending hugs from Texas!

Paula Graber

You talked about everybody except your husband. What is going on with him? Very glad to hear that everyone is doing all right. God bless!


Vickie Mitchell

Hi Debbie, It was good to hear from you. Your life sounds a lot like mine. I feel like I get ready to go in one direction and end up going in about 5 different ones. Life is certainly crazy these days for so many people and I'm like you I don't know what I would do without the Lord to ground me. I really enjoy your posts and am praying for you and your family.


take care and always praying for you.


Hi Debbie,
Thank you for taking the time to post! Your life sounds very familiar! I try to get up every morning and say "What challenge do you have for me today Lord?" but some days, I want to turn over and go back to sleep to avoid all the problems and challenges. However, in His great plan, He makes me strong when I am weak and gives me strength to face each challenge. I know he does the same for you!

It is not easy dealing with all the generations you have on your plate right now! Do your very best to find five or ten minutes to take a deep breath and relax your muscles and just clear your thoughts.

We used to sing an old chorus back in the day that I still sing to myself frequently, "Only believe, only believe, all things are possible, only believe! I often feel like I am all alone on this daily walk of many challenges but we are NEVER alone with HIM!

I think of you and your family often and pray for you and lift your names to our Almighty Father that He will show you His way and will comfort you and bless you and your family. Please know you are loved and prayed for and that our Lord will never leave you or forsake you!

Blessing to you and your family,


I'm with Paula, you talk about everyone else but your loving husband? The only thing I recall reading about him is that he is a great handyman and has a child?


That was a good post! Even after the storm the birds still get up and sing. Why can't we?

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