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August 05, 2011


glyndene deaton

Bless your heart!. Will be praying for you as your tend to parents, flooded home, insurances and HOT weather. But knowing you, it will be all be taken care properly.
Love ya,


praying for you not just this time but always,, i treasure all my nieces and nephews and treasure my time with them. i treasure the love god shows me all the time , thank you for sharing with us and like always praying for you. god bless you debbie.


Debbie, you have MANY friends praying for you and Jesus is at the right hand of the Father ever interceding. WOW. I believe we must try our best to use the good and not-so-good situations in life as a learning/trusting opportunity and it will all work out for our good and God's glory. Sounds like there are things in your life that you aren't telling us (which is just fine) but God will work it all out, all right, in due season. Underneath are His everlasting strong arms. God bless you and all your family.

Cheryl Turnbull

We are praying for all the circumstances in your life right now Debbie. Trust in the all Knowing, remember to seek him for all your decisions wether great or small. Glad Roger's piano was saved and is safe! Remember to take a moment for you during all of life's trials, and keep on keeping on. The Lord LOVES YOU!
Cheryl/Lenexa KS
(Our hot weather has been in the 100's for weeks)

Becky Arvin

Hey Debbie, Thanks so much for always showing us the bright side of things. You are so right all the things are as mom says just "stuff" it will be here after we are long gone. Enjoy the love and time with our loved ones and finding the positive of the day. God is so gracious to see us thru all these things and I know without a doubt Chelsea will get things taken car and the house will be like new in no time. Your the best your ky pal Becky

Helen Johnson

Your calamity sounds like Dr.& Mrs. Chuck Missler's description of when a bad business venture made him declare bankruptcy, then their house was the epicenter of an earthquake. Not one timber was left standing and every last thing inside was broken. Not a thing was saved. It was the lowest time of their lives, but God took a firm grip and led them into ways they never dreamed of. Now they enjoy teaching the Word and helping folks become serious students of the Bible in Idaho.

There is nothing that can't be fixed or mended in time. Keep a happy face even though you want to cry. Don't let unbelievers know that this affects your faith. The house is still standing and only needs a face lift. Pick some happy colors and floor coverings that will reflect this new stage in your life.

We love you,
Helen & Wayne
south of Dallas, TX

Shanna Locker

Sorry to hear about the flood. I hope the claims process goes smoothly and I am glad Roger's piano is unharmed.
We just returned from a vacation in the Seattle area and the temp was never above 70 in the 5 days we were there. In fact we could have used our jackets!
In Mid-August that felt very nice.
Take care and thanks for the update!

Elfie Warner Hobgood

Glad to read in Singing News that you will be at NQC this year. I will not be going, but I know you mean so much to so many, they will be happy to see you. It's good you will have a break from caring for your parents. I know it will be a busy week at NQC - enjoy. Love,Elfie Warner Hobgood

Judy Hicks

Hi Debbie,
Hope all is well with you and yours.
I would think that Chelsea has returned from Poland...and that her trip went well and she was blessed as much as I am sure she was a blessing.
Weather cooler here in N. GA...had scarey weather but all is well. I am looking forward to the fall colors..
Hope to see a post soon. Take care...
Love and Prayers,
Judy Hicks

Becky Arvin

Hey Deb miss ya and look forward to seeing you at NQC and get a hug. your Ky friend Becky

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