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March 17, 2012



Happy St. Patrick's Day and Roger's Birthday. I know you miss him so much, and that he is so proud of how you have handled the last five years, amidst the trials you have undergone recently. Just continue to remember those old days and memories. God Bless You, Debbie, because you are IN HIS GRIP!! Wilda

Rebecca Gardiner

I am so fervently praying for you, Chelsae, Jordan, and the Legacy Five guys today. In fact, today I set my alarm at 8:30 in the morning so that I could pray for all of you that God would give you comfort. I know the pain of loosing a loved one, but I cannot fathom the pain of loosing a husband and a best friend. Roger is my hero, not only in his music, but in his heart, his testimony, and his love for God and people. I unfortunately never met him while he was here on earth, but it makes it all the better knowing that I will get to meet him one day in Heaven. Today, Roger's song "Stay Close to Me" was going through my head, and it simply was a small reminder that he has played such a role in my Christian walk and in my growth in my music. I would not truly love, appreciate, and be involved in music had it not been for Roger. Love you and praying for you lots!!! <3
Rebecca Gardiner
Psalm 98:1

Ann Woodward

Hi Debbie,
So glad to hear from you.
How quickly the time has gone by. I remember talking to Roger at his last L5 Homecoming in Nashville. He was so genuinely nice, no pretense about him. I'm so glad God blessed him with such a sweet family.
Ann in Oak Harbor WA

C turnbull

Thanks for taking us down memory lane today. Our family so enjoyed Roger with Cathedrals and L5. We loved his many talents. Song writing, singing, emcee, and especially his wonderful humor. Our favorite L5 music is the ones still with Roger. We love L5 but they haven't been the same without him. Hope your Dad is better. Thanks for the memories Roger...
The Turnbull's
Lenexa KS


Our thoughts are with you today. Although not personal friends with Roger have seen and talked to him frequently at concerts and NQC. He was such an encouragement to us when my husband went through a transplant about the same time Roger was going thru many things.They talked like old friends and compared notes on what each of them was going thru then. He truely was one of a kind.We cherish his CD's and also his humor on many of the Cathedral and Legacy5 CD"s and videos. We loved him and miss his sweet spirit. Keep posting we love hearing how you are doing and wish you all Gods best.


I understand first hand when you have a love one leave and go to heaven that it can make a significan impact. After my father died twelve years ago, my family fell apart because he was my rock! My mother changed trendously and I helped her so much, but she favored her bi-polar son and left my sister and I behind and left me basically homeless. Mind you I lived with and took care of her until I was 38 years old and left after I found the updated will. I was so hurt and felt used by my mother I did not attend her funeral. However, I praise the Lord I have my twin sister who has been god-send. My two brother has nothing but green, but I pray for thier hearts to change and I know I can move on peacefully knowing I took very good care of her. I understand your pain and the challenges and life can quickly change. How sad, but knowing that God is love is all that we need to know.

Sandy Howard


I too know first hand the loss of a husband and friend.. I lost my husband 19 months ago and I miss him more and more each day.. he was sick for 15 years of our 23 years of marriage, the last 2 years he was on hospice.. while I wouldn't want him back in his pain and confinment to bed.. I do miss our conversations. so I truly understand your post... but thanks be to God to know that we will see them again one day.. what a wonderful promis.


What a blessing it is to read your posts. They are real and from your heart. You have a way of connecting with all of us on so many levels, thank you! I know you are missing your Roger so deeply, God knows this too..."He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer by any death"...someday this will all be made up to you Debbie, keep hanging on, just like you are...Roger is running a bit ahead, just around the corner out of sight. Hugs and prayers to you and your family, we all will never forget you!


Yes, Amen to everything you said! I was at Praise Fest this weekend and was also able to attend a concert with L5 earlier this past week. Two in one week! How awesome is that. At both events Scott (Fowler) did a great job of remembering Roger and sharing his products with us too. Of course when they did the Remember The Music that also made us think of Roger. Praying for you and your children.
Becky In Wisconsin

Linda Cooper


Thanks for your post. We saw L5 @ Mustang, OK on the 10th. Scott talked about Roger and reminded us of the pastor's words -- and they sang Hello after Goodbye.
"We will be with them far longer than we've been without, no doubt."
In the meantime, life happens -- and I understand how you long to be able to talk to Roger. So I pray for peace for you and a little easier road. And know that although your "missing Roger" is SO much more intense -- there are thousands of us who knew him for many years -- and we share those moments with you, looking forward to the day we will all be together in our eternal home, singing a NEW song!

Love and prayers,
Linda Cooper, Ada, OK

Geneva Speas

Dear Debbie, Brandea was with me this weekend and when she got up Saturday morning she came out to the kitchen and said, Grandma do you know what day this is. I waited and she continued, this is the day that Roger went to heaven. She loved him so much and cannot go to see LegacyV because Roger is not there. A wonderful impact on her life and many others. I miss him. You are in my thoughts and prayers,

Becky Arvin

Debbie Thanks so much for such a precious post. Every post is so appreciated and it is a constant reminder of how very good our Savior is. Thur all of the trials and triumphs he is there with us. Roger was so blessed to have you as his wife. Thanks
Your KY friend Becky

Janet Cross

You are such a special person and my prayers are with you as you remember and honor Roger. Thank you for your words of inspiration and encouragement and may your heart know sweet peace as you are held firmly in Our Father's grip. It will be such a happy day when we all realize, along with Roger, that the ending of the book is true and WE WIN!!!

Sarah UK

Dear Debbie,

I am praying for you - may you feel God's comfort and presence. Thank you for your sweet and encouraging spirit. God bless you,


Praying for you & your family today, tomorrow..forever. Sending love & hugs your way. I know how you hurt, my God always give you the strength you need.


Thanks for your updates.

Wayne Sylvester

Debbie, I am praying for you, that the Lord will give you comfort. I also really miss Roger, he was like a real friend to me. Wayne Sylvester

Barbara Weaver

Dear Debbie
Thanksd so much for that encouraging post.. I know you miss Roger, he was so vibrant, always talked to him for so many years at Quartet Convention. Now I am to sick to go there, but I just love to read what you have to say. It Blesses me. Love amd God Bless Barb from Wis.

Marilyn Crabtree

I'll never forget what your pastor said at the service for Roger that I watched on line. He said you will be with Roger a lot longer than you will be without him. Just keep that thought in mind. Of course, we do have to wait until the Lord calls us home but know that our prayers are with you in these days and months to come.


I got an error message after this was posted so here goes again. If you get two...sorry! You will just be double blesses for a blessed Easter.
Becky In Wisconsin

Deb R

Hello Debbie, Just a quick note to say that I listened to Legacy sing " Hello after Good Bye" today ~ Life on earth is short compared to our Eternal Life~ May you be renewed in your faith and your walk with the Lord and in your Prayer life; may you draw strength for the days ahead, for His Joy will be your strength! Easter will do that for us all... Have a Blessed Easter with Family.


Hi Debbie,
Hope all is well...Dad getting better...Jessica have found down time...Chelsea settled and Isaiah growing. In other words You Are Missed.
Love and Prayers,
Judy Hicks

Tracy Reynolds

Thinking of and praying for you today as I'm listening to Focus on the Family. I'm sure you can relate to the message presented by Lisa Harper. Check it out if you get a chance! "Traveling Through Life's Trials"

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