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August 20, 2012


Rob Pringle, New Freedom, Pa.

Hi Debbie...

You don't know me. I just happened upon your site a year or more ago when reading about George Younce and Glen Payne. I didn't know who your husband was, by name, until I read this. I have read many of the posts you have written, and your husband wrote. What a blessing they have been to me. This morning, I just checked in to see "how you were doing" (Smile) and I read your wonderful reminder of God's love and kindness towards us. Aren't you glad we are covered by His grace, mercy and the precious blood of His son, Jesus. You are a blessing. Continue to minister to all of us...there are people you may never meet who are blessed, richly, by the words that God gives you to share. Be blessed.

Joy Stewart

Hi Debbie,

I too, have been blessed by your site. Our family is going through some struggles at present but we too feel the Lord's guidance and presence every day. I'm still loving the 2 year music lessons by your dear Roger. I think of him and you every time I work on the lessons or just play from his books. Bless you, Dear Debbie.

Carrie Poor

Thank you Debbie! I needed to be reminded of that today. God does love us and is working all things for our good. Praise the Lord!!





I am another person who has never met you in person but who visits this site often. You will never know, in this life, how many people have been helped and blessed by your postings. There have been many times when you have written just what I needed to hear exactly when I needed to hear it. God is using you in so many ways, and you are a blessing to so many people. Thank you!!

Nell Featherston

I enjoy your postings so much and check for your postings regularly.
They bless my heart, and I feel I know you even though I only met you & Roger when my husband was going to M. D.Anderson for treatments. He passed away 7 years ago. You are such an inspiration to so many people. May God Bless You abundantly.

C turnbull

Thank you for posting as I am another who needed this reminder today. Life seems to be tough for all of us these days in one way or another. Thank you for sharing and the others too. I look forward to your posts. Prayers for the season...Cheryl/Lenexa KS

glyndene deaton

Dear friend,
Love the pic you posted from your front porch. Your place is such a beautiful and peaceful place. We love it and are thankful that you have such a lovely place to sit and meditate on God's word.
The Veranda is a much needed place and I am thankful for the vision God gave you and your friend to help supply this work. May God richly bless you both.
Love and prayers,
Glyndene and Bobby


Just read your post. Thank You Thank you ~ I needed that so much today.
Much Love to you & your family.

Ann Woodward

He holds you tenderly in His grip and gives you JOY!!!!!!!!!!!
What more could anyone ask for.
You're a blessing Debbie.


Hi Debbie,
I had to smile at your hummingbird face off. We have a feeder outside our dining room window. When our 7 year old g-daughter comes over she will stand at the dining room window and the hummingbirds will fly down to her level and come up close to the glass and have a face off with her. She loves it. So cute. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Blessing to you tonight. Linda


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