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September 04, 2012


Nell Featherston

This is a gorgeous photo of you, and I love your hair. So glad God has kept you safe during all your troubling times, and that you are going to take this new direction in your life. He will bless you in this endeavor too.
Nell Featherston


I praise God with you that His mercies are new every day and He is faithful always. It will be exciting to see where and how God is going to lead you in the days ahead - and be sure that He IS going to lead you as you hold onto His hand in His firm grip.
Praying that God greatly blesses you and your family.


Good to hear from you again.And while today is not a day of celebration in one way is certainly is in another. Anytime we can take hold of Gods hand as he leads us on is a day to celebrate. I love holding his hand and I love how he takes care of the things we don't know what to do with. Praise his name, Linda

Elfie Warner Hobgood

Continuing to pray for you.

You are a Beautiful Lady, inside and out!!


Nice, nice photo. You look VERY reflective in this pic. Just got back from Branson and the SGP and saw L5. So very sad to see Glenn go but think Matt will do great too! He did an awesome job at SGP; like he had been with them for a long time. Change..... always happening whether we want it to or not! I hope you are able to go to NQC. Someday in about 20 years if we ever retire I would love to go! It sounds like you are using the music to heal. Always nice to hear from you.
Becky In Wisconsin

Rebecca Gardiner

I hope everything is going well with you in your life. I have been constantly praying for you. The other day, Roger's song "Home Free" popped up on my online radio, and it reminded me of you and the blessing you are through this blog even after 5 1/2 years of Roger's home going. You are a very beautiful woman, inside and out, and I love to call you and Roger my role models. I do not look for perfect people to look up to (because I know that I will never find one), just the people who honor God, love others, and want to do what Christ says to do. :) God bless you, Debbie!
Rebecca Gardiner


Hi Debbie,
Sometimes things happen in our lives that reinforce the power of God and of His continued unconditional love. I know that you have had this proved to you in many ways. You are a beautiful lady with lots to offer. All of us that look forward to your post know you are an instrument for God. You know how to crawl up in His lap and snuggle in for all that He, healing, refreshing, transforming and anointing. Keep us posted as to what wonderful things He has in mind for you.
Love and blessings,
Judy Hicks

Ann Woodward

Hi Debbie,
So good to hear from you. I'm packing for the NQC and hope to see you there. It's such an uplifting time.
Take care and know that you are very special.
Ann in Oak Harbor WA

C turnbull

Wow, what a beautiful photo. It is fun to see you on this site. I am praying for you. Cling to the one who holds your right hand...Isaiah 41:13 and keeps you in His Grip.
Was glad to see your post tonight...Cheryl/Lenexa KS

Charlene Eddmonson

I am glad to see you and hear that music is back in your life and giving you pleasure and healing. I hope to see you next week at NQC. I am your Utah fan, and always enjoy chatting with you. You have been such an inspiration to so many through your faithful encouaging words through the hard times. The picture shows the beautiful woman you are. God is so good to us.

Erma rohrer

Dear Debbie,
Change is usually difficult. So glad to hear that you are able to have music in your life now. Music has been my way of connecting with God in difficult times. When I listen to Southern Gospel music, I feel God's presence in my life. Praying God's blessing on you in the days ahead!

Jeannie West

A beautiful picture of you which shows peace in the middle of life's storm. This is not really a surprise, but I am sorry you had to go through this pain. But the sky is brighter ahead, and God is continuing to direct your path. Valleys are part of the process in growing closer to Him, and you have certainly had your share of valleys, but God always meets you on the mountain, and He won't fail to do it this time. I hope to see you at the NQC. Blessings to you. The songs in gospel music never fail to lift me up or to comfort me at times like these.

Patty Spicer

My theme song during time of trouble has always been Keep Me Safe Till The Storm Passes by and I would always think of the second verse where it says Satan whispers there is no need to try for there's no end of sorrow there no hope by and by but I know Thou are with me and tomorrow I'll rise where the storms never darken the skies. Yes this storm will pass and you will come out much stronger in the Lord than before.


Beautiful lady!!

nelda Johnson

Love the picture. I had a heart attack sept 5 did not get to go to NQC only second time since 1983.
Have thought about you and Roger a lot. our grandson Brandon Johnson had brain cancer and spending lot of time at TCH in Houston, Tx and MDA with a nephew. Brandon is cancer free now but has developed Adrenal Insufficiency (thanks to the chemo) Still praying for you. First time I have seen your post in over a year will check back more. Like your post.
Nelda Johnson Houston, TX

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