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May 26, 2014


Bev Stellmacher

Thank you Debbie for the wonderful post. I am glad that you are able to talk about that difficult time in your life. Once a person is able to talk of these things then the healing begins. I was sexually abused by my fatherv as a young child and finally remembered when I was 40 after things triggered in my life. It took time for me to be healed and once I forgave him and I was able to talk about it then I started healing. He never admitted that it happened. I had to let him go and not see him. By telling my story I have been able to help others. God bless you Debbie. You will find that you will be strengthened. I will also say that I couldn't have done it without God's help. I didn't do it on my own.

Mary Jane Price

Thank you for those words of wisdom, Debbie. There are so many times in my life that I just have to stop and be still and listen to the Holy Spirit speak to me. His peace is always there if we would just claim it. God bless.

Wilda Gibson

Deb, it's so good to see one of your articles here. I know you have come a long way in the last few months in your healing of ole memories. I can't wait to see you in Sept. at NQC; maybe, we can chat a minute or two. Take care. Love and Blessings!

Evelyn Donahoe

It was good to see you post on Roger's page again I still check it every day as I did when Roger was still with us. We still watch videos and dvd's ao Roger will always be with us!

Wanda Moran

So glad to see your post and am so sorry that you have gone through such a difficult time but once again God has seen you through this time in your life. Sure wish I could attend the NQC in Sept and meet you, although I feel like I know you through your posts. The NQC is on my "bucket list" and hopefully one day that item can be marked off.. :-) Take good care of yourself. Love from a sister in Christ, Wanda

Robbie Nelson

Praising the Lord with you, Debbie, for this very special victory. How good God is!


Dear Debbie,
Once again am glad to hear from you. Your post is always uplifting. I am glad that your "rough patch" is behind you physically and emotionally and that God has brought you through yet another valley with victory. Yes, God is good! I am always amazed how He is interested in all things that touch us regardless of the size of the problem. I like to envision myself curl up under His wing and know that all is well.
Take care Sweet Lady. You are a very special person and it does my heart good to know you are whole once again.
Love and prayers,
Judy Hicks


Debbie, so good to see you back on Midnight Meditations. Sometimes God calls us apart to rest awhile; during that period we come to realize how precious we are to Jesus; He teaches us to forgive and forget, as He does, and then press toward the prize of the high calling of God and rejoice in His unfailing love. Many of us have had or will have a time of searching, healing and renewal by the Spirit of God.

You are such an inspiration to others; you truly have a wonderful ministry to many as God ministers to you. God bless you daily.

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    Ron Mehl: What God Whispers in the Night
    Ron Mehl is a hero that I never met. A friend gave me this book a couple of years ago and it really touched me. Ron was suffering with Leukemia and had written several wonderful books before this one "Whispers" really got to me. The main thought is why is it that God who IS light, who created light, does so much of his work in the dark? The answer, because that's where WE are. We struggle in darkness, our weakness is more pronounced in the darkness and we feel so alone in our darkness. But....God is not intimidated by the dark! He invades it and speaks to us there! You should read this book asap. (*****)